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We attract the highest quality contractors in the industry, give them powerful tools, and take excellent care of them, so they can give you the outstanding service you deserve.

Rigorous Screening Process

Before a contractor becomes a Fairmarket contractor, they go through a two-week initial vetting process, including background checks, company legitimacy checks, license and insurance verification, skill tests, and more to ensure only the best contractors are Fairmarket Contractors.

In-Depth Skill Review

Fairmarket constantly reviews each contractor’s workmanship and skills to ensure they are providing the best in the industry. We encourage our contractors to continue learning new skills and give them the opportunities and tools they need to continuously improve their craft.

Continuous Vetting

Beyond our rigorous two-week vetting process including background checks, we continually monitor our contractors and do further screenings and searches, so you always feel safe working with them. We use AI to recommend contractors that best match the criteria that is most important to you.

Detailed Ratings and Reviews

We encourage Fairmarket members and contractors to leave detailed and verified reviews for each other. This helps keep our community strong and make informed decisions.

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