3D Modeling

We just took your entire home and put it in the palm of your hand. Now, managing your home is fun and easy.

Experience the amazing benefits that holding a true virtual version of your home provides. Gain the controls that were never possible before. 


We have arrived in a new era of home management.  The many things you walk past every day that make you shake your head and say “Why have I not fixed that yet?”. The leaking toilet that you don’t use, and forbid others from using. The lawn that needs mowing, but you swear you just mowed it. Even the once overwhelming process of replacing your roof, damaged from the hail storm just got fun.  With your home in your hand you will now ask yourself, “Where has this been all my life?!”

Your virtual home also helps prevent miscommunication with the professionals you hire. The walls that the painter needs to paint are highlighted and measured so he won’t accidentally paint the wrong side. The broken garage door doesn’t require a field measure. And the 12 window screens you want replaced don’t need a piece of blue tape. 

Design your home effortlessly. The roof shingle samples can stay at the supplier while you inspect how each and every major brand, product line, and color look on your roof. The tiny paint swatches can stay at the paint store while you mix and match real color coded products to your home until you find the perfect match. And most importantly, the contractor pushing you towards an inferior product to save costs, can stay at home. 

Home management can be easy. Home management can be fast. Home management can be fair. Join the Fairmarket family and see for yourself how managing any number of your properties can actually be fun.


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