Affiliate Program

You should be rewarded for being a trailblazer. By simply recommending something that your friends will already love anyway, earn the best type of reward… residual income.

Fairmarket provides a software that benefits many different types of people you interact with. Friends, family, Realtor Sally, and Plumber Joe. When becoming a Fairmarket affiliate, we generate a Fairmarket URL designated to you. And you generate income for yourself.

Realtors can get pretty creative with incentives for buyers like event tickets, vacation packages, or gift cards. But now, you can provide them something that goes right along with taking care of the home that they just fell in love with.

Be an affiliate and 
earn residual income
join the cause
go viral

Become and affiliate today!

All you need is your tax documentation ready. Start earning!

Tools for Easy Sharing

You will get a personal Fairmarket Affiliate portal, where you can customize your link, pick from our ready-to-use social media posts, or create your own!  Check company updates and track your stats and get tips from other affiliates. Anyone who signs up directly or indirectly from your link gives you residual earnings for the lifetime of their account. 

Track Your Stats

Watch your earnings grow in real-time. View all of your sharing statistics on one beautiful dashboard. See details such as what posts are performing the best, which of your friends signed up using your link, and your total number of referrals and earnings. Win prizes and bonuses for reaching the next referral level.

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