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Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Extra Privacy

As a homeowner in Texas there’s no doubt that you enjoy spending time outdoors, particularly in your backyard. Whether you invite your friends, family and neighbors over to entertain, or just want to kick back with your morning cup of coffee, privacy is important. Entertaining inside is fun, but even with the ultimate game room or newly renovated basement, you’ll want to bring the fun outside. Homeowners often limit the time they spend hanging out in their own yard because they lack privacy. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when they enjoy their outdoor space and feel sheltered from their neighbors’ view, that they find their backyard even more appealing. If you’ve been looking for backyard landscaping ideas for extra privacy, keep reading. Any of these privacy solutions can be constructed by a Fairmarket contractor. Or, talk to them about creating a fresh idea of your own! The possibilities for backyard privacy are truly endless.

Establishing the Right Backyard Landscaping

A house has physically established walls, doors, dividers, and rooms. The rooms are all sizes with boundaries that provide seclusion and privacy. But once you step outside, that all changes, regardless of the size of your property. Even large properties often need extra privacy so you don’t feel as though you’re being scrutinized by your neighbors as you entertain your guests. Or, perhaps the reason you are seeking creative privacy ideas is because your balcony or porch faces your neighbor’s garbage or scrap pile. You want the ultimate relaxing and entertaining experience that you crave when escaping your busy lifestyle.

Finding a solution to backyard privacy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are many different types of backyard spaces. Whether you want to focus on entertainment around your grill, near your pool or spa, or looking for extra solitude, there is a privacy solution with the right backyard landscaping. Check out the following ideas to increase privacy and block your neighbors’ unpleasant views.

Walls of Greenery for Backyard Landscaping

A lovely way to add natural beauty to your backyard is with richly textured walls of precisely maintained shrubs. But not just any greenery will do. Various types of shrubs and foliage can be extremely decorative. Remember to only use evergreen shrubbery and highly useful shrubs that attract gorgeous birds to your property such as: dogwood, blueberry, cotoneaster, brambles, euonymus, barberry, beautyberry, and bearberry.

You’ll want to add a Fairmarket contractor to your home maintenance schedule to keep your living fence looking its best. Shrubs that are properly maintained will prevent looking uninventing and overgrown.  And just because you use shrubbery for your enclosure doesn’t mean you have to eliminate other plants. Feel free to add other small trees, flowers, and potted plants to give your outdoor space a natural décor. Best of all, living fences are easy to maintain, inexpensive, and great for the environment. They are a great option for real privacy because they can grow tall and wide.

Privacy Panels

If you are thinking of going the classic route, consider wood fencing and privacy panels for your enclosure. Wood fences are a simple way to add a barrier and look great on almost any property. For added privacy, consider going a step further with additional wood lattice panels. Stained or painted, these wood panels create architectural design while adding more privacy. Privacy panels are a perfect option if you like to spend time outdoors enjoying some downtime. Use optimal outdoor flooring, create a walkway in your backyard to the ultimate backyard retreat. Privacy screens can also be added to the wood panels to truly keep the neighbors from peering over the fence.

Going Double Duty with Backyard Landscaping

We’ve proven that even small rooms can look bigger with the right décor and details. And your outdoor space is certainly no different. If you are working with a smaller space, consider going double duty with your backyard landscaping. If your neighbors’ deck is extremely close to yours, add privacy panels of natural woods. But request your Fairmarket contractor to add slats. These wall pockets are the perfect way to shelf potted plants and art. Add tea lights or a string of lights on the wall for the ultimate entertaining spot.

Decorated Wall of Delights for Privacy

If you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors you may just want to get extra fancy with your decorating. It’s your space, so why not make it as inviting as your living room! Adding elements that are as appealing in the day as in the night is important. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when backyard landscaping is that they don’t consider what the space looks like all times of the day. Many homeowners who particularly enjoy entertaining at night will go all out decorating with lights, but during the day those elements can be downright hideous. Opt for ways to add those features while hiding them during the day.  Architectural elements like wall planters and vertical succulent pieces add an artistic touch. If there is space, a fountain can be a relaxing focal point during the day and at night. It can be a challenge to keep the space appealing for entertaining at any hour, but a professional Fairmarket contractor can offer great ideas and years of expertise.

Elegant Espalier for Privacy

For an elegant and private outdoor space to entertain family, friends, and colleagues, consider combining pleached hornbeams and an iroko fence to frame the area.  The hedging adds natural beauty while a bespoke iroko fence installed on top of the current boundary wall adds additional privacy. This type of fencing is not only attractive, but easy for achieving privacy. Opt for hardwoods over soft as they look nicer and last longer. Examples of hardwood include walnut, maple, alder, oak, balsa, teak, mahogany, and hickory. Softwoods include yew, pine, spruce, fir, redwood, and juniper. Although more expensive, hardwoods are denser than most softwoods and will last longer. Before you begin erecting a fence for backyard landscaping purposes, remember that many townships have height and placement requirements for walls and barriers. Be sure to check with your local departments before beginning any renovation. A Fairmarket Contractor would be happy to help check on this for you as well as list the right people to call. They are experts and regularly need to get this type of paperwork.

Backyard Landscaping with Screened-in Courtyard

If you have the space, a screened-in courtyard is a great way to add seclusion while remaining welcoming. Those with a hot tub or spa might consider this method. A long bench for guests to sit and a gas fire feature are also inviting features. For even more privacy, add a custom linear fence. A stain such as hickory looks great and blends well with any décor. Perennials and woody ornaments help to soften the look. Depending on the size of your backyard space, a screened-in courtyard could be built away from the home, or as an entry to the home through an open-air courtyard before the screened-in one.

A Striking Backyard Landscaping Solution

Although it’s not for everyone, a sandblasted-glass gate adds luxury and added privacy to any backyard space. The intricate design allows for sunlight to shine through but nothing else. This solution can be perfect for a courtyard or pool entrance. It’s also an elegant way to add an entry to a garden or green house. If you live on a busier street and want to block out the traffic without losing the sunlight, this is a fantastic option. This option also allows for numerous security options from no lock at all to a security code.

Creating Your Own Elegant Enclosure for Privacy

If you are working with a blank slate, then you can create your own elegant enclosure for privacy without the constraints of previous gates or fences. To attain privacy in your backyard, you could simple create “walls” either real or implied with a garden, bamboo fencing, and even a classic curtain. Underutilized, a curtain keeps the heat and bugs away (and the neighbors!), while also allowing you to open it up and see everything going on in the backyard. Consider an adorable privacy screen that bears resemblance to the look of a pergola. In addition, a bamboo fence can be made even more intriguing with windows made from repurposed old wood-frames. Throw in a a mix of plants such as feather grass and arborvitae to soften the garden and add a personal touch.

Raise Up the Privacy

Want to go higher? Why not create boundaries with a raised dining terrace and high walls? In an otherwise exposed area, this backyard privacy feature can make a world of difference. Perfectly manicured privacy hedges and a vine covered trellis can aid in your efforts for an intimate deck space. There’s no doubt you’re going to be entertaining here, so add a little evening ambiance with tea lights and hanging lamps. Sword ferns and tropical plants can be added to block out your neighbor’s side of the yard while adding a delightful sight. These types of plants are dense enough for privacy but are also attractive and elegant.

Endless Privacy Possibilities

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your pool or spa space or simply want a private space for a patio, balcony or deck, there are numerous creative solutions. The ideas here are meant to intrigue and inspire you to use or come up with ideas of your own. If you are looking to enhance your backyard space, give a Fairmarket Contractor a call. They can help you design and renovate your backyard space for enhanced privacy and elegance. You’re going to love the results!