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Best Ways to Get Homeowner Leads with Software

Generating modern homeowner leads is a constantly developing field. There are many different types of listing platforms and software options available. Because of that, it can be hard to decipher which app does what. During these uncertain economic times, finding new leads that provide revenue is key. Keep reading to learn the benefits of using Fairmarket Home’s app. It is easy to use. Most of all, a great resource for generating new homeowner leads.

Finding Home Improvement Leads

There are a lot of facets to getting new leads. The use of reviews and referrals on the Fairmarket Home app, local citations sites, social media and online networking are all ways to grow your business and generate new homeowner leads.  

The process can seem intimidating and often expensive for residential contractors. While leads naturally develop over time, but with the Fairmarket Home app, they come much faster. New leads and residential leads come to you so you can successfully grow your business without spending too much time on marketing. Even better, residential leads from Fairmarket Home are not pricey. After all, we know you are still growing your business and it simply is not fair for contractors to have to pay huge amounts for their leads. Based on your profile, homeowner leads come directly to you. Therefore, the more in depth and complete your Fairmarket Home profile, the more opportunities you’ll have for homeowner leads. Those residential leads will come to you because of the various certifications and skills homeowners see in your profile.

Using the Fairmarket App to Streamline Homeowner Leads

Fairmarket Home works with contractors. It ensures they are getting the absolute best homeowner leads. The apps works through an elaborate vetting process and funneling high quality residential leads. Contractors on the Fairmarket app can except the best. Fairmarket contractors know that when they get a lead it will more than likely lead to a project and possibly even more projects down the road.

Fairmarket has a thorough vetting process for contractors. Similarly, with background checks, license checks, and more, residential leads are also thoroughly vetted. Fairmarket wants to guarantee that every residential lead that comes to Fairmarket contractors is legitimate. Also, worthy of the contractor’s time. At a time when there are a lot of scams for both homeowners and contractors, Fairmarket takes everything into consideration. Fairmarket Home protects both homeowners and contractors to everyone involved has an above average experience. We want to keep our contractors and homeowners happy and be the number one app for residential and homeowner leads.

Reviews and Referrals for Producing Homeowner Leads

While Fairmarket Home lends an immense helping hand in helping contractors grow their business, word of mouth and recommendations are priceless. Marketing is valuable, but it is even more powerful when satisfied customers actually do it for you. Happy customers can go a long way for your business. New homeowner leads are generated when prospects read reviews and see testimonials from satisfied clients. When your work is completed to a higher standard than other contractors, it will speak for itself.

When you know your client is thrilled with your work, ask them to review your service on Fairmarket Home, Google, and your social media platforms. If you have a website, add the review there too. This will draw further interest in your business and generate interest in your skills. Additionally, ask customers and other contractors to vouch for your work and stand as a reference for you. This will undoubtedly generate new and varied leads that you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to reach.

Social Media for Homeowner Leads

Many contractors would rather not bother with social media for their business. They may have an Instagram account for their own personal use, but the thought of using social media for business seems impossible, or even foolish. The truth is social media can be an excellent and complementary platform to Fairmarket Home.

Many homeowners will find you on Fairmarket Home and want to learn more.  With one quick online search, they will discover your social media pages. It is a good idea to remember that whatever you have online represents yourself and your brand. Therefore, avoid including anything on social media that you would not want your contractors to see.

Using social media to complement your Fairmarket Home profile is a great idea. You can add photos of your past projects, videos of yourself working, or testimonials from satisfied customers. Keeping a positive and professional image online is an excellent way to grow your business and keep homeowner leads to continue coming in.

Make the Most of Social Media for New Leads

There’s no doubt that a strategic and established social media presence is absolutely essential for any contractor business. Nearly all homeowners have access to the internet and prefer to go above and beyond what they see on your Fairmarket Home profile to do a search of their own. For that reason, it is crucial to set up links to a variety of your social media pages.

Utilize all platforms from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest so homeowners can see a variety of your work and skills. The more they can see from your pages the better. It’s a good idea to regularly update your work with relevant project photos, information about your services, pictures and reviews from happy clients, and even a price list. If you have special or unique skills, include those too. The more information you can add to your page, the more attractive you will be to homeowners and the more new leads you will get.  

Create an Email Newsletter to Generate Homeowner Leads

Communication plays a big part of getting new leads. Starting a newsletter is free and effective. Platforms such as mailchimp or constant contact is an easy and useful way to communicate with past, current, and prospective clients. Once you have had your business for awhile and your customers are satisfied, growing your communication is an essential and important aspect of your marketing strategy. Regularly producing an email newsletter with valuable information, technological advances, project updates, additional training, and recent accomplishments, can go a long way. This will get existing leads excited about your services.

There is also a particularly good chance that they will forward it along to friends, family, and colleagues. This will generate more leads, higher traffic to your profile and website, and help you grow your business. New leads will come to you by the dozens with a well-written and attractive email newsletter. If you do not have the time or ability to write a newsletter, you may want to hire someone to craft your newsletter each week, bi-weekly, or monthly. Depending on the frequency, a freelance contractor, can help.

Networking in Your Community

Your social media along with positive reviews and testimonies from past clients will help spread the word. But the best way to stand out as a contractor on a home improvement app is to utilize the power of marketing in your own community. The more familiar people are with you within your community, the more you will be the chosen contractor for multiple residential projects.

Marketing around your neighborhood is an essential part of success and business growth. Let everyone in the community know your specialties through business cards, posts in local coffee shops, cafes, and hardware stores. Attend networking events and committee meetings. Commit some marketing dollars to advertising within the local community. When the community can put a face to your name, it will make all the difference. You will see more people checking out your Fairmarket Home profile and requesting information about your work.

Taking the Next Step to Generate Homeowner Leads

Social media, newsletters, and referrals all work together with a homeowner app or contractor app such as Fairmarket Home app. Getting new  homeowner leads both on and offline is easier than ever when all of these platforms are successfully used together.

Regardless if your business is already established or if you are just starting, you will get more homeowner leads at a faster pace. Without paying a lot of money for new leads, a home improvement app like Fairmarket home can help generate residential leads much faster. Verified and real-time quality leads will help you grow your business in no time. Check out Fairmarket Home today!