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Samples, swatches, and brochures is the old way. Letting customers visualize your products on their own home is the better way.

Listing your building supply products on Fairmarket doesn’t only help your customers visualize your products on their homes, it is also beneficial to your SEO and brand recognition.

Not only can Fairmarket help your brand visibility, it can supply you with valuable product data. See which of your products, colors, and styles are most often applied to real world customers designing their homes.

List your products and 
let consumers visualize 
gain brand visibility
save resources

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We assist you with the process of submitting the required file types and images for our 3D visualization technology.

Coming Soon

Building product distributors will soon be able to take advantage of selling their products to both homeowners and contractors in a whole new way.

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Let’s collaborate to create a true win-win by spreading the news about the future of product visualization, all while generating new income for your brand.