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Carpet vs. Hardwood Flooring for your Fairmarket Home

Homeowners often find themselves questioning whether they should go with carpet or hardwood flooring for various rooms in their house. They are both very popular and classic styles of flooring, but each one has its own pros and cons. Deciding which one is better for you is a matter of breaking down the positives and negatives and exploring your options. If you feel stuck in your decision, you can always talk to a Fairmarket contractor on the Fairmarket app. This trusted and knowledgeable professional can guide you based on your individual needs. There really is no right or wrong answer, the decision is a personal one that depends on your budget, tastes, and preferences. The following may help you come to a decision with your contractor or before you bid on a contractor on the Fairmarket app.


For most homeowners, cost can be a deal breaker. It is a major factor when purchasing anything for the home and flooring is no different. The differences in wood flooring and carpet flooring can be vastly different. This is especially true if you are thinking of going with the most premium options on the market. If your budget is tight, then you could probably conclude that hardwood flooring may be out of the question completely.

Wood flooring is among the most expensive flooring options available. Reason being, it is natural and not manufactured or engineered in any way. Although there are synthetic options, they are still much more expensive than carpeting. On average, wood flooring costs between $9 and $15 per square foot. This includes installation. However, if you’re going with high-end versions made from a very specific type of wood or reclaimed wood, you may pay as much as $40 per square foot.

Yet carpeting is only about $3 to $5 per square foot on average and at max $15 per square foot for premium carpeting. It is much more affordable and friendlier on the budget.


A person’s home is where they can relax and be comfortable. For that reason, comfort is one of the main factors some homeowners consider when choosing their flooring. For those who put comfort first, the flooring needs to feel good under their feet while also matching the coziness of the room in which they are outfitting. For example, some people prefer carpeting in a bedroom or living room where they expect an extra-cozy room. Hardwood works well in a dining room because the comfort level is typically not as important.

Wood flooring is much harder than carpeting, so homeowners should consider how comfortable it is for everyone. Is there a baby crawling? Do young children frequently play on the floor? Is it in an office or area where someone may be standing for long periods of time? All of those questions and more should be considered as hardwood flooring is not as comfortable to lay on or kneel on. These factors are important if you have children who will be in the room a lot.

Carpet, of course, is much softer and made of a more comfortable material. The plush softness can be great for young children. It is one of the reasons so many bedrooms, family rooms, and finished basements have carpeting flooring. It creates a softer feeling of home.


One perk of carpeting is that there are a variety of colors to choose from. You can easily add a pop of color to any room with the right carpet. Depending on the layout of your home and your own personal style, the flooring you choose can change the interior design of the home.

Depending on the color of the wood such as oak or pine, you can make a room look lighter or darker. A good stain on the wood can also help create the mood of the room. Hardwood flooring is said to add “prestige” to a home as it appears as a luxurious and high-end option. This is a classic, yet trendy design that works with almost every layout. Most homeowners these days prefer hardwood flooring because it adds a timeless, rustic, and sleek look to any room.

That is not to say that carpet cheapens a home. Some homeowners still prefer the warmth and comfort that carpet adds to a home, especially in certain rooms. Carpet flooring is a very versatile flooring choice, which allows you to mix and match various shades based on the design of the room.

Cleanliness & Care

Keeping your floor clean, be it hardwood flooring or carpeting, is no easy task. Both have issues of their own that can arise. Both styles are very different in terms of how to care for and clean them. For that reason, there are a few pros and cons for each.

As far as spills and stains, hardwood flooring is much easier to maintain. It does not require as many deep cleanings as carpet floor needs. In fact, experts recommend not using any type of liquid cleaning products on a wood floor because it could cause damage such as warping the wood.  

If a drink or food item is dropped or spilled on hardwood it is much easier to clean than a carpet. That might be something to think about in terms of overall pricing. While hardwood might be an expense upfront, you could save money in the long run with less cleanings. A standard broom and hardwood vacuum a few times a week is all you need to keep wood floors clean. Carpet flooring, however, requires a deeper clean. Dirt, grim, crumbs, dust, and allergens can quickly settle into the plush carpet. These small materials can get caught in the fibers of the carpet and are hidden from view. If you have a high traffic area such as in front of a door, you might want to consider hardwood flooring, as it is much easier to clean. If you have pets, this can be a particularly wise decision.  

Cleaning a carpet requires homeowners to vacuum at least once a week. A deep cleaning and shampoo once a year is also a good idea. It’s important to take those factors into account as the frequency you need to do a cleaning will also depend on what color you choose.


Year after year, wash after wash, you may wonder how long your carpet flooring may last. The nicks and dings of everyday wear and tear may leave you questing if your hardwood flooring will sustain. When comparing the two, there are a few different angles to consider. Take your lifestyle into account. Do you entertain a lot? Do you have children that spill their milk and juice regularly? All of those can weigh in on how durable your flooring will be from day one.

Wood flooring is a natural material and highly susceptible to rough usage and liquid spills. It can warm, dent, and scratch based on shoes, furniture, and other items. But when cared for properly, hardwood flooring is made to last. It can even last several decades! You can always keep it fresh by buffing and sanding or adding a new stain to it after several years.

Carpeting can be scrubbed clean and is often more forgiving if furniture is moved on it. But in the long term, carpet flooring is much less durable. It can rip, wear down, tear, and show overuse from high traffic. Most carpets require a full replacement after 10 years.


As more and more people are conscious of the products and materials they buy, understanding what the product is comprised of is important. Hardwood flooring is considering environmentally friendly as it is a natural and organic product. As with any product you choose to buy, it is important for you to do your research on the company and how the product is made. Carpet, however, is mostly made from petroleum and is not a sustainable material. Petroleum is an extremely limited resource and if you are a person who is extremely environmentally conscious, you might want to steer clear of carpeting completely.


The safety of your flooring is not something people factor in when they are making a purchase. Many homeowners often choose to use area rugs on top of their hardwood flooring to add softness and color. Of course, that can lead to a variety of hazards including tripping and falling. In addition, any nails or unleveled wood can start to rise depending on the age of the hardwood flooring. This can be very dangerous if someone steps on it with bare feet. Carpet is a safer option but can also be a concern for tripping. However, if someone does trip, carpet is a softer and padded option resulting in less cuts and scrapes.

Installation & Noise

The warmth and noise level of your home can be determined by your flooring options. Hardwood is noisier and causes sound to travel as it bounces off the floor and onto the walls. It might even cause an echo effect. It is also a colder option as it does not absorb heat. It is colder to walk on in the winter months.

Carpet is the opposite because of its absorption properties. It is a much warmer surface in the winter months and absorbs noise quite well to easily reduce the decibel level in the rooms where it is installed.

Final Verdict

With so many factors to consider, there really is no right or wrong answer in terms of which flooring choice is better. As you can see, both carpeting and wood flooring can be great options depending on your taste, situation and budget. If you need help deciding which flooring choice is best for you, log on to the Fairmarket app and discuss your needs with a Fairmarket contractor. They can help you decide on the perfect flooring choice for you. Who knows, you may decide on both for your home!