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Continuing Education for Contractors Is Important: Here’s Why

Regardless of the economy, contractors continue to report that they are busier than ever. According to Associated Builders and Contractors, most skilled contractors are seeing near-record backlogs. If you’re wondering why contractors continue to work while other industries are seeing layoffs, the answer is simple. There is a lack of skilled trade workers. That, combined with those who regularly seek continuing education for contractors is creating a project logjam.

As a contractor, the best way to protect your business and bottom line is by participating in continuing education for contractors. Knowledge is one of the fastest ways to outbid the competition every time. The following are a few more reasons why continuing education for contractors is a wise idea. This is particularly important if the economy faces a downturn.

Construction Managers and Continuing Education for Contractors

There is a plethora of construction managers. Yet, this oversupply shouldn’t scare you if you are a construction manager. Why? There are only a handful of construction managers with up-to-date training. Most say or assume they know what they are doing but their knowledge is outdated. They do not have the necessary continuing education for contractors they need to give their clients what they need. Live, online training in construction management and other skills is an easy way to get ahead. Online classes mean you can take the classes on your own time in the evenings or weekends when you have a little extra free time. In just a few weeks, you’ll have another certification to add to your resume and profile.

Construction Jobs and Continuing Education for Contractors

One search on Fairmarket and you’ll see that there are plenty of jobs requiring the skills of a trained contractor. The possibilities are endless. Top jobs include plumbers, electricians, carpenters, general contractors, and handymen. For general work or a hope to improve skills for a particular niche, you have choices. There are a number of ways to grow your skills and upgrade your qualifications. Continuing education for contractors will give you the leg up on the competition while offering the best avenue for you with top training and education.

Trade Groups Offer Resources and Training for Continuing Education for Contractors

There are many types of online classes for continuing education for contractors. One Google search and you’ll find numerous classes near you as well as online. The Associated General Contractors of America has an updated list on their site with a directory of education and training resources for contractors and professionals in the construction industry.

Similarly, the workforce development division of the National Association of Home Builders, known as The Home Builders Institute (HBI), offers numerous online courses, From construction to management, many courses are in conjunction with the US Department of Labor’s Jobs Corps. For example, if you are a carpenter who wants to move up in your career, the site has courses for field superintendents and other higher positions.

Contractors Are Always In Demand

There’s never been a better time for continuing education for contractors. Construction management is seeing growing popularity as a field of graduate study. To grow your skills and business check out the American Council for Construction Education. This accreditation body for higher-education programs in the United States offers information about continuing education for contractors in construction management as well as other related fields. Several community colleges offer both online and offline courses for an associate’s degree in numerous construction and contractor positions. Discover opportunities at your local community college or the state community-college association to find out more.

Yet, one of the main reasons many individuals choose the construction and contractor route is because they don’t need a degree. That is true. Experience as a contractor in your particular field speaks volumes – sometimes more so than a degree. Having a good mix of experience and training, will make you invaluable. The more certificates you have on your resume or Fairmarket profile, the more likely you will be the chosen contractor for any given client.

Why Continuing Education for Contractors is Important

You have years of experience and you may have even been an apprentice for a family member before you could even drive. So, why would you ever thinking about continuing education for contractors? Do you really need it? The answer is simple, yes! For those that don’t know, continuing education refers to programs that help adults pursue further skills after formal education. However, it doesn’t have to be for those who have a degree. This means that continuing education for contractors could be a one day seminar or one time online class, to an entire degree program.

Depending on your field, some contractors may be required to do continuing education in order to maintain their certifications. These requirements may come in the form of tests or yearly classes. The main purpose of continuing education for contractors is to ensure they maintain an understanding of their field. Plus,any changes in the industry.

Continuing education is important whatever your career, but the contracting industry is when it truly matters. When you are up to date with your knowledge, you can expertly give your clients and prospects bids and estimates before you even start the job. This will make you look more professional and knowledgeable than your peers. The most successful CEOs such as Oprah and Warren Buffet are huge advocates of continuing education. Some presidents even share their thoughts on why they choose to do continuing education, even if it’s in the form of reading for an hour a day.

How Continuing Education for Contractors Can Benefit You

It’s often been said that knowledge is power. It gives you power in your industry, over the competition, and in the actual work you do. Most of all, it increases your chances to get a promotion or earn more. When a client sees numerous certifications and hears that you are pursuing continuing education for contractors, they will hire you. It shows initiative that you are staying knowledgeable. It also shows that you care about your work and want to be as good as you can be. Your new education makes you more qualified than others in your field and that will be rewarded.  

If a prospect is deciding between two contractors, they will more than likely choose the one with more experience and more certifications. Education qualifies you to take on more responsibilities and more tasks because you are better prepared. You have the specific knowledge required to do your job in the best way possible. Continuing education for contractors shows that you are dedicated to improving yourself. It shows you have a passion for your career and understanding all there is to know to be the best you can be.

Continuing Education Can Help You Earn More

You will have more chances of earning more by continuing your education. Education often leads to a higher starting pay in any given contractor job. Consider that as motivation to keep up with your education on a regular basis.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,  any kind of career, including contractor work, can be increased by thousands of dollars each year with advanced education.  This will improve your lifestyle and help you work smarter. For example, when you are making more money per job, you can be a little choosier. You won’t have to work as many hours and can spend more time with your family. Continuing education has great potential to improve your work-life balance.

Continuing Education Improves Your Marketability

Education is a valuable element to your Fairmarket profile and your resume. It shows that you are not only meet the minimum qualifications but exceed them. The more certifications and education you have the more you will stand out among the competition. If you’re one of several contractors being considered for the job, your additional education will help you get the gig. Your further education proves you have determination and motivation to succeed. It shows you aren’t afraid of a challenge and you like to work hard. This is important to your clients.

The insights that you can provide from your skills will increase your overall marketability. It will also make each job easier because you’re have newfound understanding. You will have the knowledge to do the job according to the current trends and technology in your industry.  Experts agree that you should never stop learning. It should be a lifelong process. Devoting your time to increase your skills can help you professionally but also personally. Education can be a journey for your own personal development.

Getting Involved in Continuing Education for Contractors

If you’re thinking about getting involved with continuing education, there are several steps you can take. You could talk to mentors, other contractors, or do a search online to determine which continuing education courses are right for you. Rest assured that there most likely won’t be any “wrong” continuing education courses. Any education towards understanding your trade is a good one.

Take into consideration how much time you have to devote to learning. This will help you decide between weeks of classes or an intense one-day course. Price may also be a factor so determine the best course and certification for your money. Research local and online schools to help you find the one that is best for you.

There’s never been a better time to grow your knowledge and change your life. A better understanding of your trade with the proof of certifications will grow your contractor business. Your Fairmarket contractor profile will stand out on the site. You’ll be busier than ever! Add your new certifications to Fairmarket and potentially change your life.