Who Are Fairmarket Contractors?

Reviewed and Ready

Our contractor pool is full of high quality contractors who have been hand vetted and background checked! Don’t worry about struggling to find contractors or wondering where to go to get started. Just post a job, and the contractors will come to you, without the headache of solicitation. It is a win-win situation for homeowners and contractors.

Remodeling the Fairmarket Contractor Way!

The home services industry has desperately been needing an innovation like Fairmarket. Getting work done on your home has been more difficult than it needs to be for far too long. As a Fairmarket member, you will enjoy access to a vetted pool of contractors that will be able to give you the bids you need, without the headaches and unnecessary appointments. You will no longer need to seek out companies, to then give them a call for an appointment, to then wait for them to come out, to then deal with their sales tactics, to then have to start from square one again with another contractor.

Let Fairmarket do all the heavy lifting for you. Without effort, you can now create and post jobs anonymously to get the bids you need without all the stress. You can trust the Fairmarket system to get you prices from vetted companies. These bids are provided by Fairmarket Contractors that service your area. They have the information they need to place their bid, but no private information will be revealed to the contractor until you hire them for the job. With these controls, you control who you talk to and who you do not. For each bid that you receive, you also will be able to view the Fairmarket Contractors profile to further assist you in the vetting process. Once you get work done with Fairmarket, you will never turn back to the old way! With our exterior house design tool, you can mix and match materials and colors, apply them directly to your 3D model, and see exactly what your choices will look like. You are able to order your own materials or have the contractor do it for you and include the cost in his bid. Fairmarket is giving homeowners and contractors more tools to eliminate the hassle of home design and hiring contractors.

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