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Roofers: The Measurements You Need + An Alluring 3D Model For Your Customer

Now you can gain a competitive edge while getting the measurements you need.

Not a boring PDF report, but still all the powerful measurement data you need. Ordering measurements through Fairmarket returns with an alluring 3D model of the entire home, that you can share to your own customer for design purposes. This get’s you off the hook for taking samples and get’s your customers to make quicker material decisions.

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Innovative Measurement Technology.Goodbye Tape Measures.

We combine industry-leading aerial imagery, measurement algorithms, and 3D rendering technology to build an interactive, digital 3D model of your home; each measurement is accurate within 1/4 inch. Easily click on one or multiple element(s), or quickly select all to see the measurement. We include every measurement that may be needed for purchasing material and for contractors to accurately bid sight unseen.

Interactive 3D Model.See Your Home Like Never Before.

Creating jobs and communicating with contractors is fast and simple. Just click on a single or multiple element(s) of your home to highlight and measure the area. From there, you can select from our list of jobs or create a custom job.

Why Fairmarket

You are in good

Fairmarket attracts the highest quality homeowners and contractors for a reason. We built powerful, yet simple to use tools tools that eliminate unnecessary work, increase your efficiency, and allow you to provide premium service that is far above the rest.

Goodbye Lead

As contractors ourselves, we know how hard you work and we don't want you to waste any more money or time on poor, expensive leads. We flipped lead generation on its head and built a powerful bidding platform that eliminates soliciting, measuring, excess driving and appointments, and lets you focus on what you do best.

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All of your job opportunities, outstanding bids, and current jobs are organized on your dashboard. All of the measurements, notes, 3D model, bid amount, scheduled dates, product selections, customer chat history, and more are in the app whenever you need them.

How to join


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Enter your information, select your trades, and select the counties where you work.


Start Vetting Process

During the first two weeks after sign up, you will go through an initial vetting process. During this period you can work on creating your profile and start bidding on jobs.


Build Your Profile

Build out your profile with pictures of your work, website URL, and other information that will help homeowners when reveiwing your bids.


Start Bidding

View your own bidding board in real time and start bidding on incoming jobs.

Questions And Answers

Where do I find jobs that I can bid on?

On your dashboard you have a bidding board. The bidding board is updated in real-time with jobs that homeowners have submitted for bid. Simply click on the job to view the measurement details and other details you need to bid on the job and click to place your bid. You can bid for free on any job you want that is in your selected trades and in the counties you serve.

What work categories are there?

We support all interior and exterior trades from maintenance to remodeling to construction and anything in between. Don't see your trade on the list when you sign up? Email us and we will work with you to get your trade added!

How much does Fairmarket cost?

Contractors are charged between $6-$199 depending on the size of the job. Check out our pricing page for details

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