Fairmarket is built by contractors like you, who are tired of paying and spending time on poor leads and activities that eat up your day and your wallet. We have a created a product with your best interest in mind and are creating tools to help you save money, be more efficient, and grow your business.

Unlimited Bidding

Stop wasting your hard earned money on leads

Measurements Loaded

Accurate specs already provided

Profile Builder

Back up your bids and show them why you’re the right one to hire.

Job Management

Communicate with prospects and clients, and track job progress

Goodbye Samples

You’re off the hook for taking samples. Your Fairmarket clients already have them.

Order Specs

For you roofers already purchasing roof reports, wow your clients with spec-loaded 3D models of their own home.

Who Can Be a Fairmarket Contractor?

Companies or individuals who perform any type of residential services can use Fairmarket to win jobs, manage them, communicate with their clients, and expand their territories.
Be a Fairmarket Contractor and 
enjoy unlimited bidding
win more jobs
beat the competition