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The Mental Effects of Decluttering Your Home

Disaster Turned Day-Spa

With new home maintenence apps and other smart home inventions, clean homes seem easier than ever. Despite these new technologies that make homes easier to maintain, have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of work your home requires? Housework can significantly contribute to our stress levels. Stress is a big contributor not only to mental illness but to a variety of health disorders including heart disease. It is important to care for our homes without allowing their maintenance to cause us more stress. 

The Perfect Home Trap

Many of us fall into the trap of thinking that the state of our home contributes directly to our happiness. It is true that taking care of our homes helps us to decrease stress as studies have shown, but it is also important to be kind to ourselves in our imperfections and remember that no home is perfect. It is easy to begin to beat yourself up when visitors come over and your house isn’t clean. How many times have you heard a friend with a spotless home say: “I’m sorry it’s such a disaster over here.” The truth is, many of us are much harder on ourselves than we need to be. Remember, nobody is perfect and no home is perfect. 

The Self-Care Clean 

Taking care of your home is a form of self-care. Whether you prefer to use a home maintenence app or do the housework yourself, for many people a clean house relieves a lot of stress.  Self-care is not synonymous with pampering. Self-care at the root is taking care of yourself. If you know that having a clean home lifts your mood and helps you to feel better, then you do what it takes to make your home cleaner. Clean your home for no other reason than because you care for your own well-being.

Once again, it is important to be kind to yourself and to remember that if your home isn’t clean, it is not a reflection of how good of a person you are. This positive outlook may help you to tackle the pile awaiting you in your room. Self-care activities help boost self-esteem because they help us to recognize what we can accomplish. If it still seems like too much to tackle alone, consider looking at a home management app to hire some inexpensive cleaners to come help. 

Immaculate Exercise

If you are breaking a sweat while scrubbing the bathtub, or the floors, you may not be the only one. People burn around 150-250 calories per hour of cleaning and rearranging their homes. How many hours a week do you spend cleaning your home? That can add up to quite a few calories. Exercise boosts feel-good emotions in the body because we release endorphins when we exercise. 

Those are just a few of the health benefits of cleaning. Mental health and well-being are tied directly to physical health. Many people fight and struggle with their living space in what seems to be a never-ending battle of tidying up. In the long run, what matters is to keep trying to keep a clean space. Whether you clean your home or use an home maintenence app, like Fairmarket, remember that whatever effort you put towards your home is really for you. 

This Home Maintenance App Was Built To Help Your Sanity

If you are ready to declutter for good and create a zen-like home, try the home maintenance app, Fairmarket. Built by a team of busy homeowners, contractors, and interior designers, this app was created to ease the chaos around maintaining a home. Fairmarket’s goal is to get your infinite to-do list out of your head and into Fairmarket where they will put your home on auto. You deserve to focus on more important things and still love your home, without the daily reminder of everything that needs to be done.


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