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Do You Need A Home Warranty When There are Contractor Apps?

Owning a home means care and upkeep are of upmost importance. If you want to maintain and increase the value of the home, you must take care of it. Contractor apps are a great way to ensure you always have the best contractor for any repairs that may arise. General contractor apps and independent apps keep those licensed experts at your fingertips.

Whether the home is purchased brand new or is a “fixer-upper,” most homeowners are aware that at some point, there will be repairs. Some repairs are more costly than others. So it’s no surprise that many consider covering their systems and appliances by investing in some version of a home warranty. But is this really the best option? Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of home warranties. We have listed them here to help you weigh your options and make the best choice for you.

What is a Home Warranty?

Before going too deep into home warranties, it is important to thoroughly grasp what they are – and are not. One very important difference is that a home warranty is not home insurance. A home warranty also does not replace home insurance. You must have home insurance, but a home warranty is optional. Home insurance is needed to protect your home financially in case something such as water damage, fire, storm damage, or other unforeseen circumstances occur.

Best apps for contractors are more likely to come in handy with a home warranty. This contract is usually a year long. It is a policy that protects your home’s major systems and appliances. These included but are not limited to the microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, and other similar appliances. These are in your kitchen and throughout your home. It is there to help save you money if something such as your water heater breaks. It is good for taking care of unexpected expenses.

How a Home Warranty Works with Contractor Apps

A home warranty and any other insurance policy have similar qualities. You need to renew each year if you want coverage. A home warranty works similarly to any other insurance policy. There is a premium that you need to pay annually. This can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your policy and the size of your home. If and when something breaks in your home, you simply pay a deductible.

The amount varies depending on the terms you agreed to in your home warranty. The cost could be anywhere from $75 to $150 for someone to come out and make the needed repairs. They will also entirely replace the appliance if necessary. It’s important to note that contractor apps, independent contractor apps, general contractor apps, and apps to find contractors won’t work here. The home warranty provides their own contractor. You will not be able to use contractor apps such as Fairmarket to consult your favorite contractor.

This is something to thoroughly think about before buying a home warranty policy. Do you feel comfortable using an assigned contractor? Or would you rather consult your trusted find a contractor app? Many homeowners would rather use their own contractor apps and best apps for contractors than to be at the mercy of the home warranty. Many of the contractors that home warranties partner with are not vetted as aggressively as Fairmarket contractors.  

Benefits of a Home Warranty & Contractor Apps

The peace of mind that comes from home warranties is why most homeowners choose them. They know that if something breaks, they can have it fixed or replaced within a few days. For homeowners who are not very handy or simply do not want to do the repairs, this is a good option.

Yet many first time homeowners can benefit from a home warranty. They may not be familiar with the simplicity of contractor apps or find a contractor app and so they feel this is their best option. Homeowners unfamiliar with how their appliances or systems work may opt for a home warranty.  Rather than the ease of contractor apps they choose a home warranty because it seems easiest.

And a home warranty helps homeowners budget their bills better and take all their financial planning into consideration. They do not have to worry about using contractor apps to find a contractor. Even though a Fairmarket contractor may be better suited for the job, the home warranty has them covered. Homeowners may feel as though this helps them avoid unnecessary costs. But they must remember to keep their deductible into consideration. Homeowners should know their deductible cost before calling their home warranty for a contractor to come out.

The Disadvantages of a Home Warranty

Perhaps the number one disadvantage is that you are not allowed to use your own contractor. Using contractor apps, general contractor apps, independent contractor apps and a find a contractor app are completely unnecessary. Another drawback is that a home warranty does not cover everything in the home. Oftentimes, homeowners call to have an appliance repaired only to realize it is not included in their home warranty policy. For that reason, contractor apps such as Fairmarket come to the rescue every time.

Look over your entire policy before making a home warranty purchase to be sure the choice is right for you. For example, if you bought your home with all new appliances, then they may be under their own warranty. Instead of a home warranty, you would be better off using contractor apps and calling a Fairmarket contractor to make the necessary repairs.

But one more home warranty issue remains. If your appliances have not been properly maintained, then the home warranty is void. Use contractor apps to ensure your appliances are always well maintained instead. What “properly maintained” means can vary according to the home warranty. You may not be ready to take those chances. If the previous owners of your home did not take care of the appliances, then a contractor will know. This is true using contractor apps, independent contractor apps, general contractor apps or apps to find contractors. Home warranty contractors would be able to tell as well.

Making the Decision

As a homeowner, the last thing you want to think about is appliances breaking down. You want the peace of mind that if and when they do, you will be covered. However, major issues such as a leaky roof or HVAC system, aren’t usually covered by a home warranty. For that reason, you will put out hundreds or thousands of dollars a year and may not even use your home warranty. That is money that could go to a professional found on contractor apps. These professionals are properly vetted and can handle the job you need.

While a home warranty is certainly the answer to home maintenance concerns for some homeowners, it may not be the right choice for others. Homeowners need to not make the mistake of thinking it is a false safety net.

It is up to you to make the best choice for your own home. But remember, even if you do not have a handy bone in your body, Fairmarket contractors are a fantastic option. Using contractor apps is a great way to find affordable contractors easily and comfortably. Be sure to do your own research and read over all warranties before taking the leap. If you are seriously considering home warranties, read reviews to help you weigh both the benefits and risks.

And remember, the best contractors can be found on contractor apps such as Fairmarket! If you need anything repaired quickly, professionally, and affordably, don’t wait – contact one today!