Homeowner Amanda Caswell

Easy Tricks to Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners often overlook the simplest and most affordable upgrades. The truth is, sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest impact. The kitchen is a great place to start when you want to make big improvements with small changes. Specifically, redoing the kitchen cabinets is a fantastic way to upgrade and refresh the look. And while you could tackle them yourself, you are much better off using an app for contractors to find the best contractor to do the job. Independent contractor apps and general contractor apps like Fairmarket can help you find the right contractor to get any project done well. With the right app to find contractors, you won’t have to worry about how the project will turn out. You will know an expert with years of experience has your best interest in mind. Keep reading to learn more about the wide variety of possibilities for your own kitchen cabinets.  

Kitchen Cabinets Upgrade: Paint

This is a popular option that makes a huge difference. It’s no surprise why this is also one of the most demanded projects homeowners request on their app to find contractors. If structurally, everything in your kitchen is in great shape, then a fresh coat of paint could be just the upgrade you need. Go for soft hues or bold colors. Keep things uniform or mix up the colors on the lower and upper cabinets for a modern look.  Windsurf from Behr Paints is an on trend and popular color. Talk to your contractor found through contractor apps about using semi-gloss enamel for the best look.

Remove the Doors

We aren’t kidding! If your kitchen looks bulky or heavy, lighten things up by completely taking off the cabinet doors. Independent contractor apps and general contractor apps are great ways to find contractors who are willing to take on this hefty project. Many homeowners find they love the open shelf concept. One homeowner even documented her steps to show other homeowners just how great it can be. The key to removing doors and keeping things looking neat is to fill the shelves with items you use most frequently. You may also want to add a fresh coat of look to refresh the look and avoid the uncovered surface looking too bare.

Add Glass Door Inserts

If doing away with doors entirely isn’t something you want to do, consider glass inserts. This is a great way to cut down on the bulk while also refacing the look of your kitchen. Bendheim, a top glass manufacturer says adding glass inserts is about 20% of the cost of entirely replacing cabinet fixtures. There are a variety of options from frosted and etched glass to clear, so discuss with your contractor what would look best in your kitchen.

Replace Door Fronts with Chicken Wire

This idea is one that often goes forgotten. But it is a great way to transform otherwise boring oak cabinets. One blogger detailed how she did it here. If you aren’t feeling so daring, then reach for your app for contractors and find an expert to do the job for you. The best app to find contractors such as Fairmarket is a great way to find professionals with the experience this type of job requires. Many people may try to DIY, but this isn’t the type of project you want to take on yourself without years of experience.

Spice up the Doors

We could go on and on about the potential of cabinet doors. After all, this is prime kitchen real estate that often goes wasted. Spice things up – literally, by adding a spice rack to the back of the cabinet doors. Other possibilities are adding lid storage for awkward and bulky lids.

Kitchen Cabinets Upgrade: Swap Out Boring Hardware

If you have old or missing hardware, it’s time to renew the look. A fresh take on handles and knobs is a quick fix for a tired kitchen. Talk to your contractor found on your app for contractors about choices. You may opt for unique pieces found in vintage or handcrafted glass stores or big box retailers like Restoration Hardware. Glass knobs in clear, green, or amber always look good as do solid metal choices. Just be sure to keep the look uniform.

Kitchen Cabinets Upgrade: Add Task Lighting

We’ve talked about the awesome transformation that lighting can provide. Adding task lighting is a practical and aesthetic improvement for your kitchen, too. Lighting underneath cabinets can brighten the whole room. It will make it glow, especially if your contractor goes with a multi-directional approach. This is one task you don’t want to do yourself. Use an app for contractors or contractor apps to find a qualified electrician to do the job. Energy-efficient LED tape is perfect for the top or bottom of the cabinet fixtures.  Kichler has some premium ones that look fantastic. Ask your contractor to install dimmable lighting for various brightness and mood-settings.

Install Roll-Out Shelving

Give your kitchen even more storage space with roll-out shelving. This is a great way to add value and functionality to one of the most popular rooms in the house. Roll out shelving is a way to instantly upgrade your kitchen to appear higher end while also keeping things clean and organized. The Container Store has sturdy bamboo drawers that are great for everything from packaged foods to pots and pans.  

Add Adhesive Backing

If you’re looking for an alternative to paint but still want to add color, go for adhesive backing. There are a variety of styles and patterns available. Peel-and-stick is the easiest choice. You can even create your own designs at Spoonflower.

Install Under-Cabinet Shelving

Homeowners often forget about the dead air space that lies underneath their shelving. Using a contractor app or an app for contractors find a contractor who will help you make the most of this usable real estate. From hooks to an add shelves, a professional can help you upgrade under-cabinet shelving.

Use an App for Contractors to Get the Job Done

When it’s time to refresh your kitchen, have a professional do all your upgrades.Using independent contractor apps and general contractor apps, connect with a contractor who will get the job done affordably and professionally. Contact a Fairmarket contractor today using the best app for contractors.