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Fairmarket Home Guide to Choosing a Metal Roof Using a Roofing Calculator

For many homeowners the thought of getting a new metal roof is headache inducing. Finding the roof measurements alone seem impossible. Many homeowners are not certain as to what roofing calculator to use or which contractor to hire. A new metal roof is among the most costly of all home repairs. It is important to get the job done with the right roof measurements and by a professional contractor. The contract will use the most accurate measurements and best roofing calculator. A metal roof cost calculator and roof slope calculator are among the best ways to do this.

The metal roof professionals at Fairmarket Home use the best home improvement app to ensure they get the job done right. The following tips on low-maintenance and highly efficient materials may help you understand the metal roof process. Your Fairmarket contractor can also thoroughly explain the entire project before they begin.

Why Choose a Metal Roof?

The sound of rain on a metal roof is among one of the most soothing sounds. It is so pleasant, in fact, that it is found on numerous meditation apps and white noise machines. Of course, there are numerous other perks for choosing a metal roof. Homeowners are choosing metal roofs at an enormous rate. Studies show that nearly 800,000 people are choosing a metal roof each year. Roof measurements with a roofing calculator to ensure the right fit is crucial.

The following pros will help both contractors and homeowners understand the pros and cons of choosing a metal roof. Homeowners should weight the positives and negatives of metal roofs to determine if they can benefit from this type of roofing. Weigh them carefully, and you may find that you, too, could benefit from this reliable roofing overhead.

PRO: Metal Roof Durability and Reliability

A roofing calculator is used to accurately and precisely measure the roof measurements. When done right, metal roofs are long-lasting and durable. There are many pros to a metal roof. The lifespan of the material is one of them. It is why so many homeowners decide to make the switch. When a new roof is needed, homeowners are turning to metal roofs.

A professionally installed metal roof will last more than 70 years. By contrast, a typical roof such as one made from asphalt lasts between 12 and 20 years. Homeowners can count on a metal roof to withstand all types of elements. The uniquely durable material can withstand wind gusts up to 145 miles per hour. They will not crack or corrode. They are also rust-proof.

CON: Affordability of the Metal Roof

Because of the lifespan and durability of the metal roof it comes with a bigger price tag. Material can run from $300 to $1000. This is per 100 square feet (or one “square” of material), according to Home Advisor’s Guide to Roofing Costs. High end metal roof materials run nearly 10 times more than shingles made of asphalt. Beyond using the roofing calculator to set the cost of materials, labor needs to be considered. Labor is more costly when installing a metal roof. It is important to note that the homeowner will most likely recoup the investment. Less repairs and a longer lifespan mean you truly do get what you pay for.

PRO: A Metal Roof is Environmentally Friendly

Less material replacement and overall quality make metal roofs environmentally friendly. But perhaps even more so, metal roofs are a sustainable material. Traditional asphalt roofs are a petroleum product. These types of produce have a heavy reliance on fossil fuels. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each year nearly 20 billion pounds of used asphalt shingles end up in landfills.

The sustainability of metal roofs makes them a much better alternative. They are made from 25 percent recycled materials. They are also 100 percent recyclable. In fact, steel roofing can be recycled without the loss of its strength. Homeowners that choose a metal roof are also more prepared to embark on eco-friendly initiatives. They are a great choice for solar panels because of their lifespan.  

Lastly, due to the metal being so light (nearly a third of the weight of asphalt) they are less burdening to the roof’s structure. For that reason, they can be placed over an old roof without sending it to the landfill.

CON: Metal Roofs May Dent

Although designed to withstand even the most extreme weather, metal roofs can dent. There is always a chance of the roof being damaged by falling branches or hail. Of course you take that risk with asphalt as well. You may also not be able to walk on a metal roof very easily. The weight of a human may dent the roof. Talk to your Fairmarket contractor to determine the right metal for you. Some types of metal are much stronger than others. Copper and aluminum are both softer so you may want to avoid them. Steel is among the most sturdy.

PRO: Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs are energy efficient. The money you spend on installation and materials may be recouped in other ways. The savings you reap on both heating and cooling your home is example. Instead of absorbing the sun’s heat, metal roofs reflect it. This is perfect all year round. It means reducing your air conditioning costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. You will stay much more comfortable in both seasons.

CON: Noise Can Be a Problem

It should go without saying that metal roofs can be loud. This con is a given. During a heavy rainstorm the metal can be loud. Talk to your Fairmarket contractor about adding an extra layer of insulation to minimize the sound. This will help greatly during storms and other inclement weather.

PRO: Add Style to Your Home

Metal roofs are extremely stylish. The variety of metals such as copper, aluminum, tin, zinc, and finishes can give your home a serious makeover. There are even different shapes for the metals! The variety far surpasses that of asphalts and leaves your home looking chic and stunning. Metal roofing comes in over 100 different colors and hues. They are also designed to hold paint finishes. A metal roof is an exceptional way to add a new design to your home. Of course, it doesn’t have to stand out, either. It can easily and effortlessly blend into the other homes in your neighborhood. The appearance of the metal roof is always durable, long-lasting, and beautiful.

Contact Your Fairmarket Contractor

If you are considering a metal roof, use the home improvement app and contact your Fairmarket contractor today. They will use their unique roofing calculator to accurately determine the cost of a new roof. They can help you stay within your budget thanks to the roofing calculator and precise roof measurements. The Fairmarket contractor will discuss materials and more with you so you know exactly what you are getting. Contact your Fairmarket contractor with the best home improvement app today!