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Game Room Ideas for the Ultimate Entertaining Space

If you love entertaining and have a spare room, you might want to consider transforming it into the ultimate game room for you and your guests. Whether you choose a Vegas-themed casino, 1950s New York, a futuristic twist, or something modern, the possibilities to level up your home are endless. Choose from our list of ideas or use our topics to spark a completely new idea of your own.

The Old-School Arcade Game Room

For anyone who can’t get enough pinball, a retro arcade is the answer. Pac-Man, pinball, or any of the racing games will make your arcade the best spot on any given night. Play fun 1980s music, add neon lights, and accent with clashing neon paint colors like hot pink, electric yellow, and bright green. Treat your guests to fun 1980s snack foods such as cheese balls and Tab. Be prepared to do a little digging for your classic consoles and design accents, all these items can be a little tricky to find.

Add a Theater to Your Game Room

Once the games are over, let your guests sit back and relax with a good movie and some buttered popcorn. For a little fun, throw in a popcorn maker and some movie posters for the ultimate theater experience. Invest in a projector and a big screen for viewing parties as well as extra-comfy seating. These are also great additions to have to watch Sunday afternoon football or for your next gaming tournament.  Add a good sound system to help your guests feel totally immersed in the movie or video game experience. You can easily add a great sound system to your game room by building surround sound into the walls and even the ceiling.

Pool Tables & Air Hockey

If the room is big enough, why not add a pool table or two and an air hockey table? Your game space will become the hot hangout for pool tournaments. Go for a rustic or sports themed room and order the pool table’s style to match. A versatile rec room with both physical and virtual games will give the room a nice mix of options for everyone.  Don’t forget to add a foosball table! They are much easier to move than a pool table and younger kids will enjoy playing.  It’s the perfect game to add if the room isn’t big enough for a pool table. You can even add an area with musical instruments so someone could jam on the guitar or play the piano while others are shooting some pool.

Go with a Theme for Your Game Room

Do you love a particular video game? Are you a card shark or a big fan of a sports team? Pick a theme you feel strongly about and then go all out. You can even mix and match sports such as baseball, soccer, or golf, and sports teams. Decorate with sports memorabilia as shelf decorations, framed jerseys, themed light fixtures, and wall décor. Throw in a video game theme for a fun and playful variety.

Embrace Natural Light

If you decide to put your game room in a room besides the basement, you’ll have an opportunity to utilize natural light, which will open up any room regardless of the size. If you repurpose a room with a lot of windows or even take over the garage for your game room, it will make it brighter and livelier.  

But Add Cool Lighting, Too

Of course, you’re going to want to add light reducing curtains if you plan on adding a theater to your game room or using the room for rave-worthy dance parties. The right lighting will add the perfect ambiance to your game room while keeping screen glare at a minimum. You’ll effortlessly be able to see your video game and movie clearly.

Have Fun With Color in Your Game Room

If there’s one thing extra-special reason to create a game room in your home, it’s that you don’t have to stick with traditional paint colors. In fact, you should try a brighter color palette, an accent wall, or even fun patterned wallpaper to give the room lots of energy.

Add a Fun Twist with Multi-Purpose Game Room Furniture

Whether you go retro or modern, invest in game room furniture that provides multiple purposes and extra storage. For example, a pool table with a cover can be a great place for board games, puzzles, and cards. Seats with storage at the bottom can be a nice place to store cards, dice, and games. Use your imagination and use multipurpose furniture to make an awesome game room even if the room is on the small side. You can also maximize space with a game closet to store all your digital games, board games, and more so they stay out of sight until you’re ready to use them.

Add a Bar to Your Game Room

A mini fridge is a great place to store drinks and snacks, so you don’t have to run to the kitchen every time you or your guests want to fuel up. Choose the perfect snacks for your parties and invite friends over. You can switch up your snack choices each time or stick with the ones you like best.

Create a Kid’s Game Room

Don’t forget to make the game room enjoyable for the whole family. Be sure to add some games the kids will love so they have a spot to play. Super Mario-themed pillows or Pokemon wall décor are fun additions to create a cozy spot for the kids, too.

Ready to get started with the ideal game room? A Fairmarket contractor can help you plan, strategize, design and build the ultimate game room for the entire family. Ask questions and chat with the Fairmarket contractor before you go through with any renovations. Get started with your perfect game room today!