Homeowner Amanda Caswell

How to Create a Productive Home Office

Remote work in a home office is becoming more popular these days. Companies are discovering that their employees are just as productive, if not more so, when they eliminate a commute. Advanced technology, and programs such as Zoom, Skype, Slack, and Trello, are great for connecting with coworkers anywhere in the world and staying virtually organized. Although some people may have a small room or separate portion of their basement for an office, that’s not always the case.

The reality is many people only have a small desk in the corner of their living room for their home office. But just because you may be short on space, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a productive and inspiring place to work. You can create a fabulous home office with a little creativity and some help from a professional Fairmarket contractor. Keep reading for great tips and unique ideas for your office.

Create a Home Office Zone

No physical room for a home office? No problem! You can turn any designated area in your home into a home office. For example, a hallway, a corner of a room, or a spare guest room can be converted into the home office of your dreams. With a little creativity and the right desk for your particular space, you’ll have the perfect spot to be productive. There are a variety of desks in every style and size. There is no space too small that a trendy and useful desk cannot accommodate. It is not difficult to find unobtrusive furniture that will match your office set up while blending in with your current furnishings.

Make Your Home Office Dual Purpose

If you have recently started working from home, chances are you have never had to think about a home office until now. Everything in your home is set up as you like it but now you are adjusting to a new set up. When space is at a premium, it can be hard to dedicate an entire room to a home office, so consider how your workspace could meet multiple uses. For example, during the day it is your workspace, but in the evening, it is the perfect homework spot for the kids. Or perhaps, it could be a reading nook on the evenings and weekends. Making the space multipurpose can add dimension to your home.

Another spot for your office could be a guest bedroom. This is a great spot because guest bedrooms are used far less frequently. Adding a small desk and a sleek chair can enhance the bedroom and won’t be obtrusive when the room is used for guests. In terms of multi-purpose furniture, a desk can easily transform as a dressing table with the addition of a bold and decorative freestanding mirror.  Additionally, a Fairmarket contractor can help you install wall shelving such as floating shelves above the desk area. This will keep the room stylish will adding a dual purpose for books, files, and other office materials. Modular shelving is another solution for multipurpose spaces. Keeping office supplies out of view or in pretty storage boxes will help the space add décor to your home, not clutter.

You may also want to invest in storage cabinets for your files. If the bedroom has a walk-in closet, a Fairmarket contractor can help install cabinets in the closet. This will keep them hidden while also accessible when you need them quickly. The more organized your office space is, the less embarrassing it will be should you have surprise visitors for an overnight visit.

Opt for a Loft Bed

Although parents need a home office, teens and college students can benefit from a purposeful and product workstation, too.  When renovating a bedroom and updating your teen’s bedroom, consider adding a loft bed. When space is tight, a loft bed can save floorspace with a desk space under the bunk bed. And once the kids leave for college, you may just consider using this as your home office!

Underused Spaces Are Perfect for Your Home Office

Look around your home. How much underutilized space do you see? Chances are, more than you even thought. A home office does not need to be a self-contained space. Get creative and think outside the box (literally!), to find unique workspaces in your home. Little nooks under the stairs, large landings, kitchen spaces, and hallways are all opportunities for quiet workstations. One of the best elements about Fairmarket is that a Fairmarket contractor can measure your home down to the square inch. For that reason, a Fairmarket contractor can precisely customize a home office for you in any space in your home. You could even consider using various flooring or paint options to differentiate your home office. This can keep the workspace separate from the rest of the home so it feels more intentional and less makeshift.

Build an Alcove Home Office

You may be surprised how cozy this office idea fits into your professional life. An alcove home office is great for a small home office because it makes the most of underused space. A space that may be too small or awkward for a TV stand or dresser, could be perfect for your desk. A Fairmarket contractor can build a desk into the wall. The floating style desk is ideal for those who like a standing desk or who want to serve multiple functions. There is no project that a Fairmarket contractor can’t do. Their experience, creativity and expertise is just the thing you need when you’re stuck trying to come up with a solution.

Consider Hideaway Options for Your Home Office

Some professionals would rather not have their desk visible 24/7. For that reason you’ll want to consider a hideaway approach in a large walk-in closet, basement, or with a desk that folds up. If you are a minimalistic person who can’t bear the sight of clutter, then this option is a good choice for you. It’s also ideal for those who may not work from home all the time. A hideaway home office option allows you to set up when you need to and maintain clean lines. This type of contemporary office space can be in almost any part of the home as it can be closed off when not in use.

Invisible Home Office in an Open Plan Room

If your home has a large open plan living room or basement, there are several great options. A glass desk will make your home office seemingly disappear when you are finished. A bright or boldly painted desk can give your desk an individual look while adding to the existing components of the room’s décor. A Farimarket contractor can help you paint or stain the desk to ensure any new home office complements your existing space. Another way to keep things “invisible” is to use multifunctional storage options for your home office. An ottoman can double as storage for files or important papers. A small table can keep a printer hidden from view.  

A Streamline Desk is All You Need

There is a common misconception that a home office requires a big, bulky desk. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. A slimline desk is a great option for a small or large office space. You don’t need anything that will dominate the space. Even in a big space streamlining your desk gives you more room for filing cabinets, storage spaces, etc.  A console desk with shallow drawers under the top or pillar-like storage in the legs of the desk can hide unsightly wires.

An All-In-One Home Office

If you’re looking for bold, then a small bureau in the corner of a bedroom, is your answer. A bureau has everything you need for an instant home office. It can store your essentials while also being extremely accessible. It can easily fold away when the workspace is not in use. Remember, a bureau does not need to be bulky. That is a common misconception. If you have an idea of one that you like, talk to a Fairmarket contractor. They can offer suggestions or even custom build one for you.

At a time when people are realizing the benefits of working from home for greater work-life balance, there’s never been a better time to consider a home office. All of these options are great ways to make the most of any space in your home. A home office does not need to be obtrusive. In fact, there are many ways to keep it completely out of sight until use.

Depending on how often you will be using your home office, and what style you prefer, you may want to discuss exactly what you’re looking for with a Fairmarket Contractor. They may have ideas that you never considered and suggestions that they’ve seen work for other clients. If you’re ready to make the most of your time working for home, give a Fairmarket contractor a call today!