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Most Common Plumbing Problems for Homeowners

Homeowners shouldn’t be surprised that plumbing problems will arise at one point or another. Although some problems are an easy fix, others will take a trained professional such as a Fairmarket contractor to take over the job. From normal wear and tear to aging pipes and fixtures, plumbing equipment needs proper maintenance. Luckily, Fairmarket contractors have seen nearly all types of plumbing problems, big and small alike so they are well equipped to take care of your specific issues. They will be able to help fix the plumbing problems while also handling what is causing the problem so that it doesn’t happen again. If you are dealing with plumbing problems now, or just want to be prepared to know what to expect, follow this guide to understand the most common plumbing problems for homeowners.

Leaking Pipes Can Lead to Plumbing Problems

Leaking pipes can mean a number of plumbing problems. They are typically cause by pipe joint damage, stubborn clogs, pipe corrosion, or incorrect pipe laying. Regardless of their cause, the problems can spread to all parts of your home leaving you with anything from burst pipes to excessive leaks. All of which can cause expensive water damage. Signs of leaking pipes include skyrocketing water bills, wet spots and foundation cracks, must smelling rooms, a running meter, or stained and damaged walls and ceilings, walls and floors. If you see any of those signs. Give a Fairmarket contractor a call immediately. They can help to ensure that no further damage is done.

Dripping Faucets May Indicate Deeper Plumbing Problems

A drippy faucet is annoying but seems harmless. Wasteful and costly, it’s also an indicator that deeper plumbing problems are lurking. When caught early, the simple fix could be a new washer or O ring. Those can get worn out over time and are easily replaced. But if you wait, things like corrosion may occur. If the faucet has been dripping for awhile and you haven’t investigated it, the situation could mean the faucet was improperly installed, making it a much bigger issue and drip. If you have a dripping faucet, don’t fix it yourself. Call a Fairmarket contractor to take care of the job in a timely and professional way. Remember excessive water drip could cause excessive water pressure and lead to more leaky pipes as well as damage to your plumbing system and home.

Plumbing Problems and Running Toilets

This is another one of those issues that you may think is more annoying than serious. Actually, it can get very serious fast. Not to mention, a running toilet is extremely wasteful, with almost 200 gallons per day wasted! Running toilets could be an indication of a worn-out flapper seal or flush valve, corroded or loose toilet handles, refill tube problems, and improperly sized flapper chains. Don’t wait! Get that fixed immediately by a Fairmarket professional.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be indicative of much bigger plumbing problems. It also can make it a challenge for the entire plumbing system for your home to function properly. Low water pressure is typically a result of bigger plumbing problems such as: cracked or blocked sewer lines, pipe corrosion, hidden water leaks in your home, drain or sewer clogs. Don’t wait on this issue. Find out what plumbing problems may exist by contacting a Fairmarket contractor today.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Drainage issues aren’t just plumbing problems; they can be health hazards too! They need to be addressed as soon as they are detected. One clogged or slow drain typically means that a major problem is centralized in that particular area of the home. Drains get clogged for many reasons including, hair, foreign objects, soap build up and nearly anything else that could fall into the drain. For that reason, you should consider contacting a Fairmarket contractor for routine drain cleaning. It will keep your drains clean and your family healthier. If you have multiple clogged drains, you could be dealing with a serious sewer line problem. Whenever you notice one or more slow drains, call Fairmarket immediately.

Water Heater Problems

There’s nothing worse than a cold shower first thing in the morning when you were expecting warm or hot water to come out of the showerhead! Homes need hot water so when there is a water heater problem, it can lead to bigger plumbing problems. When hot water heaters aren’t providing enough hot water it’s a major crisis which could mean: improper water heater installation or the incorrect size and type of system to meet the needs of your home, corrosion or sediment buildup in systems, heating element failures, loose or broken electrical connections.

Don’t let plumbing problems go – act immediately!

If you notice any of the above plumbing problems, or suspect there is another plumbing issue stirring, don’t take care of the issue yourself, give a Fairmarket contractor a call. They will come out in a timely manner to take care of the plumbing problems to keep your family and home happy and safe.