All The Tools You Need In One Workspace


$99 One-Time Tailored Home Management Forever
The property data activation price applies to each property added to your account.
  • No More Excess Appointments
    How You Will Save Time: No more initial inspections and house calls from contractors to get multiple bids for one project. Privately get multiple real bids in minutes and estimate costs without any fear of future solicitation.
  • No More Stress Over Contractors And Pricing
    How You Will Have Peace of Mind: Only the highest quality contractors are allowed to be Fairmarket contractors, giving you the cream of the crop. Get multiple bids without extra effort, allowing you to compare prices quickly and be at ease with your decision.
  • Custom 3D Design Your Own Property
    Fairmarket is Your Playground Fairmarket gives you the ability to design and apply endless products and combinations on your actual home, allowing you to mix and match until you find the perfect product and color and removing any buyer's remorse.
  • Automate Home Maintenance
    Being Proactive Will Change Your Home's Health Set and forget your home maintenance. Watch your home's health soar and eliminate problems at their source, before they potentially harm your family or cause major issues.
  • Fast And Affordable Pricing For Work You Need
    How Our Bidding Platform Will Change Your Life Fairmarket is giving homeowners and contractors the tools they need to smoothly go digital. Contractors can give a precise bid site unseen, allowing you to receive multiple bids in no time and with very little effort. Your privacy is protected, eliminating any bias and keeping your family safe.


Depends On Size Of Job Won
How We Calculate Price: Price differs depending on size of the job. Small routine maintenance jobs are $6 and large construction jobs are $199. Remember, you are only charged when you win the job, bidding is free and unlimited, allowing you to keep your hard earned money.
From $6 per job won
*Free Unlimited Bidding. Only pay for Jobs You Win.
  • No More Excess Driving
    You Will Be Amazed At The Time and Money You Save. No more in-person sales, sample drop-offs, material short-orders, etc. Your efficiency will skyrocket.
  • Only Pay For Jobs You Win
    How We Are Saving You. We know how hard you work and we hate poor, expensive leads as much as you do. You deserve better, so we made better.
  • No More Wasted Time And Money On Poor Leads
    Fairmarket is Built By Contractors Like You. All jobs on the bidding board are real jobs by real homeowners in your area who are looking for a contractor. Pick and choose the ones you want to bid on based on homeowner ratings, size, proximity, etc. No more endless sales stop-ins that lead to no where.
  • No More Product Samples
    Step Up Your Service. Homeowners have a library of products that they can apply to their 3D model to make quick product decisions, eliminating the need for samples, delays because of color indecision, and eliminating problems with homeowner disliking the color.
  • No More Inaccurate Measurements
    How We are Keeping You and Your Bid Safe. No more dangerous, time intensive, and inaccurate measuring. Our measurements are accurate to 1/4 inch