Property Data

Powered by industry leaders in aerial imagery and remote sensing technology.

Companies like StateFarm, USAA, Farmers, and more use the same advanced technology to ensure precise measurements for their claim handling. You also will be provided powerful and accurate measurement data.

Reveal the hidden numbers within your property


Your home is full of family members, pets, furniture, visitors, and…data. Each aspect of your home has a shape, a size, and a depth. These hidden numbers can now be quickly revealed, and elegantly placed at your fingertips.

       Measurements are the first and main factor in determining the budget and time-frame of any work needed on your home. These unique dimensions are the reason why traditionally getting bids for work on your home has been so daunting and difficult. Imagine handing your contractor the accurate measurements and specs so they could give you their price, sight-unseen. They would love you for that. Better yet, what if there was an online marketplace where you could post these detailed jobs, so you could receive multiple quotes and compare the bidding companies without a single phone call?

        We believe in empowering homeowners with their property data, and beautiful tools to assist with managing the upkeep and improvement of their properties. Your amazingly accurate measurement data is provided by only the very best in aerial imagery and remote sensing technology, in industry leading Geomni.

        Putting your property data to use does more than help you get the bids you need. It helps you answer questions like: How many gallons of paint will I need? Will that new truck I want fit into the garage? Can I make a full-size regulation basketball court in the side yard? These answers and more without lifting a tape measure.

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