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Pros and Cons of Paint vs. Wallpaper

If your living space is looking a little drab or dated, one of the quickest ways to spruce up the interior is with a fresh coat of paint or yes, even wallpaper. While you really can never go wrong with paint, don’t discount the perks of wallpaper. It’s a fantastic way to add an attractive appearance to your walls without altering them completely. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of both paint and wallpaper to help you determine which one is right for you. By knowing the benefits, drawbacks, and differences between both paint and wallpaper, you can make a better decision on the perfect choice for you. And remember, when it’s time to do the work, don’t take the project into your own hands. A Fairmarket contractor will expertly and quickly get the job done for you.

Using paint to add color to any room

Paint is the classic option that most people go to first. Because wallpaper goes in and out of style, many people don’t even consider anything but paint when it comes to adding color. Although a good paint job is best done by a professional Fairmarket contractor, it is possible to do yourself. It’s also can be inexpensive depending on your paint quality and color choice. Because of the simplicity and affordability, many Fairmarket clients choose paint as their top choice for wall finish.

Quickly switch the design of any room with paint

If you’re the type of person that likes to give your home a new look over the years, then paint might be the best option for you. It is very easy to paint over – even dark paint, so you can update fairly regularly. This is especially a good idea if you have children. A teenager is most likely not going to be into the same color and design she was as a toddler, so the ease of a new paint job might be the answer. Changing up the wall colors or repairing damaged walls is generally easier to do when you choose paint.

Managing the hefty task

Anyone who has ever taken on the enormous job of painting a room, knows that it can be extremely difficult and cumbersome. Some unexperienced people start the job and then immediately regret it, not knowing that it is a much more involved chore than the imagined. For example, if you’re working with dark blues or browns, you will need to be extremely strategic in your approach to applying the paint. Understand that if you choose a charcoal color for your living room, it will be a bigger project if you decide to switch to something lighter in the future.

Plus, there are many types of paint qualities. Some are stain resistant and some are not. This is something to think about when painting your kitchen or bathroom. Paint can also be chipped, scratched, and peeled. If you are painting the wall for the first time, you may have to go with an entirely different color because matching the shade perfectly can be a challenge. Even with new technology, matching can be difficult if you are painting just a patch or a small wall. There’s also a chance the shade has been discontinued.  

Wallpaper as an option for your wall finish

There’s a reason why wallpaper has been a mainstay in home décor for decades. Although homeowners have shied away from using it in recent years, many people choose it as a very viable, and long-lasting option. You can “set it and forget it” as wallpaper can last for decades. This can be a great option for adults who may not have changing tastes. The incredible selection of patterns can bring a room to life while adding personality and uniqueness to a room. There are usually plenty of deals on wallpaper designs as new ones are constantly being created, so it can be a very affordable choice.

But, there’s a reason why wallpaper has waned as the first choice over the years. First of all, without exception, wallpaper needs to be applied by an expert, like one of our Fairmarket contractors. There is simply no wiggle room for a botched job. If any person other than a professional applies the wallpaper, it will look terrible and it won’t last. Second, wallpaper can be very difficult to remove. Although there are chemical that make the job easier, the odor and fumes can be a nuisance. When you use wallpaper there’s also greater potential for stains, rips, and uneven fading over the years. The wall itself can also become damaged over the years. If you do decide to choose wallpaper, opt for small accent walls rather than committing to an entire room.  

Paint vs. wallpaper by room

For any room in the house that experiences moisture such as a bathroom or basement, paint is the best option.  Wallpaper can warp and lose its freshness when faced with steam from a shower or moisture from a damp basement. Of course, moisture isn’t good for paint either so look for mildew-resistant or moisture resistant formulas. This will keep your paint looking fresh for much longer.

Options for the bedroom

The bedroom is a great place for wallpaper or paint. Adults who want the ease of décor without much fuse might choose to go with wallpaper. Teenagers who change their mind more frequently might choose to go with paint. It really depends on the person who occupies the bedroom and their unique preferences. Wallpaper can be a nice option in a guest room.

Options for the dining room and living room

Wallpaper is a great choice in a dining room because when it is applied by a Fairmarket contractor, it will last for years and can add dimension to the room. Although it is a true commitment, it can be a budget friendly and exciting way to add easy décor to the room. It can easily make a room look much more elegant than a simple paint job.

A dining room usually gets less wear and tear than any other part of the house, so it is a good place for wallpaper. However, if you have any hesitations or doubts, go with paint! You can always change your mind and design with wallpaper later – but not vice versa!

Personality and lifestyle

Ultimately choosing between paint and wallpaper all comes down to your personality and lifestyle. What type of décor do you like? Do you change your mind frequently? Do you have young children or are you empty nesters? All of these questions can help you decide between paint and wallpaper. Paint can be easily changed and corrected while wallpaper makes a home feel elegant, upscale, and classy. It’s a great choice if you regularly entertain or host dinner parties.

If you are still having trouble deciding, give a Fairmarket contractor a call. They can help you come up with a plan, choose a wallpaper, or help you match paint colors (or pick completely new ones!). They have been in this business for years so they may offer tips you never even considered. Give an expert a call today – they are happy to help!