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Replacement Windows: Fairmarket Homeowner’s Guide

Arguably one of the most neglected aspects of a home are its windows. The average homeowner doesn’t know much about replacement windows, so when the time comes for new windows, the mystery can lead to a lot of headaches. With few parallels elsewhere in the home, window replacement means replacing an old window with a new one, well, kind of. It’s actually not the entire original window that you are replacing. You are removing the sash and related parts, not the entire original window. Also called a new construction window, the replacement has the same function of the original. For example, a double hung window will still slide up and down and a casement window will still swing in and out. The aspects of the original will remain and although the replacements are generally smaller, they will actually perform much better than the original. But how do you know when it’s time for replacement windows? There are a few signs and this guide can help make otherwise uncertain chore, better understood.

Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

Depending on how long you’ve lived in your home, you probably had a home inspection for all aspects of your home, including the windows. Although windows can last as long as 25 years, you may notice signs such as a chill, a draft, or fogging as indicators that it’s time for a replacement. It is not glaringly obvious at first.

The incredibly high cost of replacement windows can cause homeowners to avoid the project for as long as possible. But what they don’t realize, is that the expense of not replacing old windows will be shifted to new areas.

Sign # 1 High Energy Bill

If you’ve done a number of other renovations on your home to save money, such as adding new insulation in attic and walls, yet the energy bill is still abnormally high, check your windows. Those chilly breezes and other drafts coming in your house could be from cracks in the glass or frame, meaning it’s time for replacement windows.

Sign #2 Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows

While settling is normal over the years, when it happens, the foundation can cause window frames to twist, often preventing movement of the window sash. Additionally, casement window parts such as latches and frames can rust. All of these factors can make it nearly impossible to open and close the windows.

Sign #3 Window Glass is Always Cold

Quality, double-paned windows should feel only slightly cold if the temperature outside is cold. Single-pane windows, regardless of quality will feel cold even when they are new. If your double-paned windows are extra cold, it’s time for replacement windows.

Sign #4 Window repair or painting is impossible without replacement windows

When regular repair becomes unmanageable or impossible, it means your windows have reached a point where the wood has either rotted through, is falling apart, or the paint is too cracked, peeling, or alligatored. The most cost-effective way to fix the window is with window replacements.

Finding a Contractor to do your window replacement work

You should never attempt to replace windows yourself. There are many DIY home renovation jobs that don’t require expertise, this is not one of them. A Fairmarket contractor can help not only replace the windows, but help you shop for them, too. Before you start the window replacement work, do your research first by checking Consumer Reports. You will get plenty of background information on window energy ratings, price comparisons, and other pertinent info.

Tips for Buying Replacement Windows

Believe it or not, window replacement is a highly competitive industry. Although there are plenty of window replacement companies in the area, not all of them will provide honest estimates. With such stiff competition, less than trustworthy practices may occur. However, if you choose a Fairmarket contractor, you won’t ever have that problem. We run background checks on all of our contractors. They will offer you a free estimate. Be sure to get several so you can bid on the contractor that best meets your needs. Although it can be a pain to have several contractors come by the house, it is in your best interest to get at least 5 estimates to find the best price quotes. You can compare and contrast with the experience of the contractor, replacement time, and schedule. Beyond getting the best estimate, one way to save money is by buying off-brand windows. They are often just as good, but much less expensive than name-brands.

Once you have made your decision, give the Fairmarket contractor a call. You’ll get the job done in a timely and professional matter with the windows that best meet your needs and budget.