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Severe Weather.. Fairmarket Is Here To Help

Natural Disaster Repairs Made Easy

On October 20, 2019, parts of Dallas got hit by an EF-3 tornado. This tornado destroyed many homes, schools and local businesses, leaving many people without power. Many lost their homes completely. In times like this, we want to pick up the pieces and move on with our lives, but it is difficult when the unexpected happens. There is no time to research contractors for every part of your home that needs repairing. You simply want everything fixed – and fast!
Start by downloading the Fairmarket app.

Fairmarket is designed for homeowners to have a data-infused 3D model of their home. It’s easy-to-use interface helps you quickly get online bids from multiple contractors, for multiple jobs, and multiple properties.  Everything can be done from your phone or laptop.  So, when you have the unfortunate task of having to get your roof, windows, siding, fence, or other items replaced due to storm damage, Fairmarket makes it easy. With your 3D model, you can design and select your new materials, get bids, estimate costs, hire contractors, and manage all of your projects from your dashboard


How To Protect Yourself From Bad Contractors

Finding an honest contractor in a tragic time can be tough. You need the job done fast, but you don’t always know who to trust. The last thing you want to worry about is a shady contractor while you are trying to put your life back together. Unfortunately, in the state of Texas, no licensing, registration, or training is required for home builders, roofers, and most contractors. All of our neighboring states demand such protections. Just about anyone can be a contractor if they have the right tools and crew. But do they actually know what they are doing? With Fairmarket, you do not have to worry. All Fairmarket contractors are background checked and frequently reviewed for quality.

Regardless of who you use, always make sure you take proper measures to protect yourself before hiring any contractors. Use internet search engines to drill deep into the backgrounds of prospective contractors. Use Google to check their names and their company names with these words in separate searches: “rip-off,” “complaint” and “scam.” Are others complaining about them? If they don’t have a strong online presence, be careful. Check their references and talk to previous clients. Living in North Texas, there are many reputable contractors in the area that will help you and your family out. Make sure when you sign up with Fairmarket, you get multiple bids, but remember, the lowest bid is not always the best choice. Make sure you compare all the bids and contractors side by side. Stay away from giving a contractor money upfront. A qualified contractor will always ask for payment during or after the job is done and to your satisfaction. Don’t hire anyone who operates out of a pickup truck with no local address. How are you going to get him to come back for warranty work? Check references and talk to former customers. Call City Hall and ask if the contractor properly applies for permits. Verify a contractor’s physical work address. Ask for a copy of the contractor’s certificate of insurance. Look it over carefully. Ask who the contractor’s supplier is. Check with the supplier about the contractor’s payment record. Although there’s no state license, some cities require registration. Check whether yours does, and whether your prospect is properly registered. Take a photo of the license plate of the truck in front of your house so you can track down the contractor if they disappear. Taking all the safety precautions will make any project stress free. At Fairmarket, we do all the contractor background checking for you. Each contractor goes through a rigorous 2-week vetting process and any questionable contractors are removed from the platform.

A Thoughtful Home Services App

Fairmarket is a home management app that provides you, the homeowner, with a digital 3D model of your home that is accurately measured to within two inches using oblique aerial imagery, remote sensing technology, and geospatial data. With your Fairmarket 3D Home Model, you can use our exterior house design center and totally customize the style of your home with hundreds of products from the leading manufacturers of building products. Within the Fairmarket App, you are able to customize your home from the roof to windows, down to the brick all from any web connected device. So with the devastation that these storms have brought to North Texas, you can log in, get your 3D model and get your home back to what it is supposed to be. And then you are ready use Fairmarket for other future projects.

Have you ever wondered what your house would look like with a metal or tile roof? How about if you painted the house a completely different color? The Fairmarket app allows you to chose from different vendors and colors and see the latest products on your home instantly. Once you have chosen the project you want, you have the option of adding your own personal photos on the app to give the contractor a better idea of what you want the project to looks like.

Now think about this, Dallas just got hit with nine tornados, multiple homes and businesses destroyed, skip the headache and create a job on Fairmarket and they will help get your job done quickly and hassle-free.

Once you have your project designed, you can then post your job to the Fairmarket bidding board and let the local contractors come to you and provide you with detailed project cost estimates. Chat directly with the contractor once you have approved their bid, and also reject any other bids all from your phone or desktop. Fairmarket has developed a stress-free way to find contractors, which are all background checked so your project gets done the right way. With unlimited home design ideas at your finger tips, never spend a dime on samples nor stress about your choice of purchased materials. Instead of spending countless hours researching and asking around to neighbors, there is peace of mind knowing that you will only get the best contractors through the Fairmarket app.

Whether you are a homeowner or you own many rental properties, Fairmarket gives you the option to load as many properties as you like and you are able to customize all the properties the way you want. No job will ever be to small or to large. Whether you want a new roof, a new outdoor oasis, or a weekly lawn and pool service, all you have to do is sign up with Fairmarket and choose the project you want and the contractors will come to you.