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Tesla’s Solar Roof Update

Have you ever dreamed of what the future would be like? Tesla has. Tesla roof shingles appear to have come out of the movie Back to the Future. The futuristic company has revolutionized technology in a matter of years. Now, they are helping to create smart homes. Tesla has recently announced their solar panels will have the lowest prices in the nation, have a normal look to them, help people make money, and allow people to maintain their roof online.

Lowest Pricing In The Nation

Two weeks ago, Tesla announced that they have dropped the pricing of their futuristic shingles 16% below the national average. Making them the highest quality, lowest priced solar panels in the world. This change was made with the intent of increasing the sales of their shingles. The shingles are more accessible to more of the population because of the lower prices. The company clearly has the goal of revolutionizing technology.

Normal look

Tesla’s shingles announced not one change, but a second that is astounding. Have you seen solar panels before? Many people never consider buying them because they are ugly. The traditional solar roof panels take away from the beauty of a home. Tesla has developed solar shingles that appear to be an ordinary roof. But, don’t be mistaken, they are absorbing the energy of the sun. This change is fascinating because it means they have created a smart roof.

Upload a picture of your house and change the exterior to see what Tesla shingles would look like on your roof. You will come to find they are much more appealing than the previous model of solar panels.

Money Grows on Roofs

Although Tesla roofs cost money upfront, over time they will make their owners money. Not only does the energy drop electricity bills, but it also allows the users to sell the energy their home has generated. It is so incredible that an invention like Tesla Shingles can turn an ordinary object into a technological energy creator. This invention also makes homes self-sufficient in energy. In a natural disaster, homes with solar roofs will conserve energy and run on their own.

Online Maintenance and Purchase

Tesla announced updates on how they are managing the installation and repairs of the shingles. Now, owners will be able to contact Tesla online for repairs. Although, the materials and design of the shingles were created to be indestructible. These designs should reduce the damage caused by natural disasters.

Tesla is known to take time to create high quality and luxury items. They are slow to put these items on the market. But, once they do, it is worthwhile. What will Tesla create next? If you are wondering what their products will look like on your house use a home management app. Tesla is bringing us into the future. And now, they are allowing more people to be a part of the future by lowering their prices, designing a normal looking solar roof, helping people make money, and allowing people to maintain their roof online. The future is looking as bright as the sun.

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