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The Ultimate Home Gym

Now more than ever homeowners are converting a space in their basement or a spare room in their house into a home gym. Using the best independent contractor apps to find the right person for the job is key. The privacy and convenience of a home gym is often key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle even with a hectic schedule. Plus, with so many virtual workouts and personal trainers sharing their top training secrets, it’s easier than ever to stay in shape on your own terms.

The following tips can help you create a workout space that you love and that will keep you motivated. Discuss your wants and needs with your Fairmarket contractor using one of the best apps for contractors. And be sure to consult a doctor before starting a workout program.

The Essentials of a Home Gym

Much like a fitness club or studio, a home gym should offer a variety of exercise options. Take into account your fitness goals, workout ability, and size of the room. A Fairmarket contractor found using one of the best general contractor apps can help you design and layout the room. This will ensure it is engineered in the best possible way to maximize space. The key is to make the most of the space you have. You want to be sure the area you choose to workout in is motivating and inviting.

If the space is a completely separate room, opt for bright colored walls, fitness essentials like rubber floors, and mirrors. It might be tempting to create a space in a small corner of a frequently used room, but avoid doing that. While any space is better than something, don’t take on a home renovation if the space simply won’t work. A contractor estimate app and general contractor apps can help you find the best contractor for the job.

Utilizing Small Spaces for a Home Gym

If your master bathroom offers enough room. Consider putting a spa-like gym into your bathroom. Adding spa-like amenities can create a luxury home spa that is part-bathroom, part gym, part spa. Choose low impact equipment such as an elliptical trainer or stationary bike. Glass panels or sliding glass barn doors are a stunning way to add both function and luxury to your bathroom gym. Frosted glass adds privacy and state-of-the-art appeal to both your bathroom and the exercise area. Of course, frosted glass also offers a unique level of privacy to keep the space physically separate. Depending on the flooring in the bathroom, you may want to add mats or rubber flooring. This should be done before adding any equipment. You don’t want to ruin the floors. A bathroom typically has plenty of mirrors, but you may want to add more to create a fab and functional space.

Talk to your Fairmarket contractor about adding a sauna to your master bathroom, too. This is fairly inexpensive and can be a great addition to any home gym. A sauna takes things up a notch. The heat feels amazing on your skin and can help relax sore muscles. You’ll recover from your workouts faster and enjoy a fantastic luxe home gym setup.

Open Up the Space with Mirrors

A small space can look much bigger with the use of mirrors and that’s especially true with your home gym. Wall mirrors that go from floor to ceiling can help perfect your exercise form while also making your space look much larger. Mirrors are a great choice especially if you are creating a home gym in your basement, bathroom or walk-in closet where windows are scarce. A mirror is also a great place for a ballet bar for barre workouts or dance.

Have a Focal Wall in Your Home Gym

A clever design trick is to maximize your space and design aesthetic with a focal wall. Choose a wall that doesn’t have a mirror and add fun wallpaper or bright paint. The wallpaper could include an inspirational quote or a large-scale photo of your favorite sports stars or even a family photo. Just be sure that whatever direction you choose for your focal wall, that the photo is one that inspires and motivates you. A focal wall combined with mirrors can make it a great place to work out. You will find that you actually want to spend time there.

Brighten the Space with Color

Unlike other spots in the house, a home gym is a place where you can play with paint and color. Have fun with bright, bold colors for one or all the walls. Don’t be afraid to play with color as a home gym is one of the best places in the house to get creative. Don’t limit yourself. Whatever inspires an energetic workout should be considered.  If you have family members who will be using the gym, install some cool and colorful gym lockers. Bright lockers can be a fun way to add energy, quirkiness, and energy to your gym space. They can hold workout clothes or extra exercise equipment.

Wood Paneling is another option to add warmth and give the space some insulation. This is a good solution for basements or converting basements. It’s also a clean way to make a distinction between an open space. For example, if your home gym is only a portion of your basement, then wood paneling, mirrors, bright walls, or lockers can help make that division. However, if acoustics are part of your workout routine – ballerinas, dancers, or those who like to workout with surround sound, then skip the wood paneling.

Maximize the Garage

Sometimes homeowners discover the best place for a home gym isn’t in their house at all. It’s in the garage! Whether you have an attached or detached garage, a garage can be the perfect place to exercise. Before contacting your Fairmarket contractor using one of the best general contractor apps, determine if you want to completely convert the garage to a home gym, or if you want a multi-purpose home gym that is also your garage. If you completely renovate your garage to be used for a home gym, the possibilities are endless. A multi-purpose garage is a little more restraining because you’ll have to take space into consideration. Another thing you’ll want to talk to your Fairmarket contractor about, either one the contractor apps or in person, is heating and cooling options. You don’t want to get too hot in the summer or too cool in the winter.

Adding in the Extras

From squat racks to pull-ups bars, if you’re serious about your home gym, you’ll want to include all the essentials. A Fairmarket contractor found on the best general contractor apps can install climbing walls, pull-up bars, or any other equipment to make your home gym the best one yet. Don’t forget to think about ways to keep the home gym neat and tidy. A Fairmarket contractor on contractor apps can add shelving, cabinetry, hooks, and more to keep your home gym organized and welcoming.

Use a contractor estimate app to discover a Fairmarket contractor who can add in an entertainment system to your home gym. Large movie screens, a stereo system, and a projector are all something to consider. The more entertaining and complete your home gym is, the more likely you are to actually use it!

Beverage Station in Lounge

For those homeowners with extra room, consider turning your basement bar into a daytime beverage station for your home gym. A beverage station is a great idea if you have workout buddies. Throw in a lounge, too. The ultimate home gym can be yours with the right design, right equipment, and right contractor.

Attic Home Gym

When most people think of a home gym, they think of a setup in the basement. But any space can be a good one for a gym – even the attic! No matter how oddly shaped your attic is, it can be a smart place to work out. As one of the most secluded spots in the home, you’ll have the privacy and comfort you want. From a yoga studio to a boxing gym to a mix of everything, don’t discount the idea of using the attic. Depending on the size of your attic, you can add in an exercise bike, elliptical, bench, squat rack, dumbbells, bar bells, and more! It’s a great place for the entire family to enjoy.

Options for the Professional

If you spend a lot of time in your office, why not make half of it a home gym? Or, when it’s not an office, you can enjoy the home gym on the weekend. Adding exercise equipment to your home office a great option to stay fit and maintain a healthy workout routine even when you’re busy. The right exercise equipment can be folded up or tucked away. Then, when you’re ready for a quick workout between conference calls, you’re ready to go. With a home office turned gym, you’re never a few steps away from getting in that workout.

There are so many ideas for the perfect home gym. Every day more people are discovering how easy it is to exercise without a gym. If you are thinking about starting a workout routine and adding a home gym, contact a Fairmarket contractor found on contractor apps. They can give you great design tips, discuss ideas, and get the job done so you can get going on your fitness and wellness. Contact a Fairmarket contractor using the best general contratcor apps today!