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The Ups & Downs of Staircase Renovation

Often when homeowners consider renovations for their home, redoing an outdated staircase isn’t on the list. But replacing stairs and railings is actually much easier than you might expect with contractor apps. Finding the right contractor with independent contractor apps and general contractor apps will ensure the job gets done quickly and professionally every time.

Fairmarket home is the best find a contractor app for renovating a staircase in your home. From the main staircase to the basement, Fairmarket contractors will get the job done right every time. The following are a few things to consider before replacing your stairs and railings.

Basics of Replacing a Staircase

Some homes have a hidden or obscured staircase. Even if this is the issue in your home, the staircase should be replaced to better match the aesthetic of your home. A staircase is often an afterthought when a home is built. As the new homeowner, you can add a stylish and functional staircase easily and affordably with contractor apps. Independent contractor apps and general contractor apps are a lot like a find a contractor app. They can pair your renovation need with a Fairmarket contractor who is right for the job.

The innovative and expert builders at Fairmarket Home – the best apps for contractors – will get the job done. The professional contractors will ensure your staircase remains functional and stylish. If necessary, they will do more than one staircase in your home. It is a good idea to match all the staircases to the aesthetic of the entire household.

The Process of Staircase and Railing Replacement

When most people think about renovation projects, it is not the staircase that comes to mind. But contractor apps make it easy to find the right independent contractor to do the job. A new staircase can add a brand new look to your home and quickly upgrade it. It can even increase the value of your home. Before you begin, a contractor estimate app will help you get a quick quote for the job. Connecting with a contractor through a find a contractor app helps you pre-screen contractors. This means you waste less time finding the best contractor and more time getting the renovation work done on your staircase.

Remember, when you use contractor apps, you can interview several contractors before proceeding. You are under no obligation to hire or purchase the first time you connect with a contractor. In fact, it’s a good idea to use the contractor estimate app to get bids from several contractors before you pick one for the job. You’ll want to take several things into account. Their experience, their material choices, and price are just a few.

When it comes to contractor apps, make sure you discuss with your contractor all your wants and needs. They may also have some great ideas that you might know existed. This discussion can help bring to light any others issues with the staircase and around your home.

Makeover Options

Connect with a contractor via contractor apps. They will help you decide whether you want to replace the entire staircase or just a few of the components. Replacement could be as refreshing existing wood, repainting or refinishing it so the staircase looks new again. The overall extent of the project is determined by your desires and the current condition of the staircase. In some cases, it nay not be available to be saved.

A restoration may not be possible. But do not let that upset you. Fairmarket contractors found on independent contractor apps and general contractor apps can help. They will make your old staircase look like new again while keeping the integrity of it.

Replacement Possibilities Include the Following

Handrails – Perhaps the railings are loose or worn. Before things get worse, have them tightened or replaced.

Newel posts – The posts that hold the railings can become loose or broken. They could be a major issue with the overall function of the handrail.

Balusters – Also, a part of the handrails, these are the decorative pieces. They can be made of numerous materials although iron and wood are the most popular. You will need to have these replaced if you have the treads replaced.

Treads and risers – Known as the actual “stair,” treads are the part you step on each time you go up or down the stairs. Those pieces of wood may need to be fixed or replaced. Shoes – These disguise the holes meant for the balusters. They are very small pieces and have the tendency to get lost in old stairs. If they have gone missing over the years, use a find a contractor app to get a contractor out to replace them.

Remodeling Costs

As with any renovation project, the cost to remodel or renovate stairs can differ. A contractor estimate app will help you determine costs prior to the job. Materials such as wooden or wrought iron as well as combinations of glass and stainless steel can all make a huge difference in costs. In general, the costs can range from $2,000 to $12,000. You’ll want to connect with your contractor on contractor apps, independent contractor apps and general contractor apps to be sure. Replacing a single component will be the low end while renovating or replacing the whole staircase will increase the cost substantially.

Breakdown of Costs

Risers and new treads will typically cost between $2000 – $3000
Replacing balusters range between $1500 to $2000
A complete makeover with new railings, balusters, treads and risers could be upwards of $10,000. An ill-placed or oddly-shaped staircase will cost you much more.
A new carpet runner is approximately $600 to $2500.

It’s important to note that some projects are more labor intensive than others. This can explain the increased costs on some projects.

Choosing a Contractor for Your Staircase with Contractor Apps

Fairmarket contractors found on contractor apps, are dedicated to helping you get your project done. They are professional, efficient, and affordable. Most of all, they will get the job done right. The contractor estimate app and find a contractor app from Fairmarket Home will help you get the price and contractor. Be sure to compare prices and time frames with a few contractors before deciding on one. Getting multiple bids is always a good idea.

When making your decision, be sure to read reviews and take a look at the contractor apps to learn more about each contractor. Check their ratings and past experience. Some contractors may even offer photos of their work, which can help you decide. The contractors on the find a contractor app who have done the most staircases are the best ones for the job. They are more familiar with local codes and safety requirements. Regardless of your choice, Fairmarket contractors deliver on their promise. Contact a Fairmarket contractor today!