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Tips for Living Room Renovation

Most homeowners discover that the living room and the kitchen are among the spaces in which they spend the most time. The living room is one of the best and important spots in the home when it comes to first impressions and comfort. The kitchen, though used as a similar focal point for gatherings, tends to be limited by its function. Sometimes, the kitchen even becomes the de facto gathering area for friends and family because the living room lacks the necessary space. Since many people are spending more downtime at home, specifically in their living rooms, living room renovation should be at the forefront of your thought. Consider using a find a contractor app for renovation.

Unlike kitchen renovation, living room renovation does not have to be a huge overhaul. The following are a few tips to help make your living room look better and feel more comfortable than ever. As always, use one of the best independent contractor apps and choose a Fairmarket contractor to help you with any size project – big or small. If you are unsure where to start with your living room renovation, contact them to get ideas and learn more about the possibilities for your living room. Regardless of size, living room renovation can be possible for you. A contractor estimate app is a great place to start.

Living Room Renovation Starts with Brightening the Room

Living rooms should not feel like they are a cave. Sure, they are often the best spot in the house to watch a movie, but during they day they should not be on the dim side. Try bringing more light into your living room to maximize the space and make it look bigger. While some may consider it bland, white is the ultimate way to brighten a dark spot. Scatter light by using lots of white in the room because the non-hue won’t absorb any color. If you’re questioning your options, consult the best independent contractor apps to find help.

For those worried about pets or kids, rest assured that adding white doesn’t have to mean getting a white sofa and white carpeting. Instead, brighten the walls with white, paint the ceiling white, and add white bookshelves or cabinets. Consider adding white art, frames, and curtains.

A Fairmarket contractor found on a find a contractor app, can help brighten up window frames by adding white frames. Of course, they can help with the painting as well. Painting a ceiling can get pretty tricky, so be sure to leave it to the professionals. A contractor estimate app can help you find the best deal for the job.

Update Your Lighting for Living Room Renovation

One of the best ways to add an inviting appeal and overall comforting look to your living room is with better lighting. If you add lights, have your Fairmarket contractor found on the best general contractor apps to add a few close to the walls to help cast the light onto them. Often done with pot lights, lighting the walls can add highlights and beautiful details. If you have an accent wall or brick, this can be an especially gorgeous way to emphasize the wall while adding extra brightness to the room.

Another good idea is to consider under wall lighting to the fireplace or perimeter of the room. This creates an extra special effect by adding a comforting glow to the edges and corners. If you have an extra long fireplace or wall shelving, this can balance out the bulkiness of it all by creating a shadowing effect. The room will instantly look bigger and welcoming. If you decide to go with the lighting after the living room renovation, a Fairmarket Contractor found using the best independent contractor apps can add them with LED strips.

When considering lighting for your living room renovation, don’t forget to brighten up the ceiling. Replace flush-mount ceiling light with a semi-flush light. This type of light hangs just below the ceiling but will offer a diffusing effect that simulates the glowing effect of a natural and open skylight.

Other Types of Lighting for Living Room Renovation

Ask your Fairmarket contractor from the best general contractor apps about using picture lighting to brighten up walls and to create a focal point for your favorite pieces of art. This can be done fairly easily and will make a significant impact in terms of brightening up the room. Placing a spotlight on your artwork also adds sophistication to the room, which is definitely a plus for living rooms that can often feel much less than refined. Table lamps are another idea that are both functional and work well to spread light across the room. Go for a classic drum lamp shade that has openings at the top and bottom. The glow and comfort of this type of lighting is ideal for living rooms.

Living room renovation is a good time to update all your lightbulbs and install new overhead lighting. This can be extremely difficult particularly if the lighting is high. Call your Fairmarket contractor found from teh best independent contractor apps before attempting yourself. Updating your lightbulbs will offer brighter output as well as a cooler tone that better resembles daylight. The more natural your color tone, the more inviting the room will be. Yellow lights are warm and can create a beautiful, intimate atmosphere, while bright lighting adds a more natural effect from a “true white” bulb.  

Choose Your Colors Wisely for Living Room Renovation

As mentioned, white can open up the living room and brighten it for a welcoming look. Similarly, blue can cool the room and add a natural light. Instead of using yellow-toned incandescent bulbs for your lighting, add blue. It can give a neutral effect that works well with any accent color. Blue for lighting as well as a light blue for an accent wall can help open up the room. Additionally, adding a blue pop of color to the sofa, or blue furniture will add a pleasing crispness to the room.

To truly make the white and blue pop, add stark black touches to contrast and encourage the brightness to stand out. While we don’t suggest you tell your Fairmarket contractor found using the best independent contractor apps to paint one wall black or charcoal, we do suggest adding linear elements such as patterned fabrics on your furniture, floor lamps or chairs to add the right dose of darkness.

Consider Your Flooring for Living Room Renovation

If you are considering reflooring your living room, a Fairmarket contractor found using the best general contractor apps can help you weigh all your options. First decide what type of flooring you want. Remember, drastically changing the flooring may impact the value of your home. While adding or replacing carpet can be done in less than a day, remember that hardwood can increase the value of your home. If the wood floor is cracked, warped, or in need of replacement, go for it. Just know that the process will take longer than a simple carpet replacement.

Your contractor estimate app can help you determine the time it will take when the contractor gives you an estimate. Laminate floors and dark wood are popular and extremely beautiful for contemporary homes. If you are looking to add some softness to your living room but don’t want to add carpet for living room renovation, then a simple area rug can do the trick. Runner rug are a great way to break up the flooring (especially if it’s particularly dark). A mix of airiness and richness is a beautiful way to add to your living room while keeping the floors cleaner for guests and everyday use.

Embrace Blond Woods for Living Room Renovation

Frequently used in kitchens, blond woods are a great way to lighten up and liven up your living room space. This natural look can add a sunny and bright look to the living room without adding any new sources of light. From the floors to cabinets, bookcases or shelving, blond woods offer balance. The natural interplay between shadow and light helps to highlight and add lowlights, which is extremely appealing to the eye. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard. A few shadows are great so consider it for your living room renovation. They give the room a sense of life and truly makes it feel like a comforting home.

Add a Fireplace to Your Living Room Renovation

For the ultimate facelift, add a fireplace to your living room. Fire adds visceral pleasure and the heat and light are both attractive and instinctive to enjoy. If your home did not come with a fireplace, you don’t have to go through the hassle of installing a new one. And if you’ve always wanted one, living room renovation is your chance to make this happen. Modern solutions make it easy to finally have the fireplace you’ve always wanted. Electric fireplaces provide the traditional look for a fireplace without the need to clean up soot or buy firewood. Gas fireplaces do require some maintenance, but they are far easier than traditional options. Both electric and gas can be easily added to the home during living room renovation. A contractor estimate app can help you determine cost.

Have the Right Furniture for Your Living Room

Too much or too bulky living room furniture can make the room feel crowded and unappealing. Because homeowners typically spend a great deal of time in their living room, they want their furniture to be comfortable. However, because the area is the heart of the home and not hidden like a basement, the furniture needs to look attractive to guests. You need the best furniture to fit the purpose of your living room. You need a couch, of course, but an overly plush one that covers too many walls will impede the overall use of the room.

Help your furniture stand out in a good way. A pattern, pop of color, and the perfect size keep things comfortable while also being aesthetically pleasing. Instead of an overly large couch add chairs so several people can sit. Consider how many people use the room at one time, the size of the room, and then go from there.

End tables and multipurpose furniture such as ottomans and coffee tables can double as storage. This can help clean up the room and de-clutter the space. Function, style, and comfort should be your goal with any living room renovation.

Keep Living Room Renovation Simple

Often when homeowners are thinking about living room renovation, they discover that they need to purge their furniture instead of the walls. They need to update the paint and lighting to make the room appear bigger, and they need to rethink their artwork and interior design choices. While many homeowners have the ability to DIY interior design, many don’t. Leave it to the professionals.

For those who don’t have a trained eye and the ability to simplify, use the tips in this article and a find a contractor app. Call a Fairmarket contractor from the best general contractor apps to help. The contractor estimate app can help and a Fairmarket contractor can significantly improve your living room renovation without breaking the bank. Post the job using one of the best independent contractor apps and contact a Fairmarket contractor today!