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Tips for Making the Most of Your Backyard

As the temperatures start heating up and summer gets closer, more homeowners will be spending time outdoors. Regardless of property size, you can get the most out of your space with a backyard makeover. From gorgeous rose gardens and functional outdoor kitchens, to privacy-specific landscaping, every property has unique potential. You do not need to have multiple acres of land to create a fantastic space for gardening, al fresco entertaining, and family fun. The following are just a few landscaping ideas and decorating tips to design the ultimate backyard.

Backyard Makeover: An Extension of Your Living Room

If you love the outdoors, why not spend more time there by making your backyard an extension of your living room. Make your outdoor living space as stylish as you would your living room with various accents and décor. Add a weatherproof rug, side table, and stylish seating. With or without trees, you can add a hammock. You can even add an entertainment center. Using one of the best independent contractor apps, talk to your Fairmarket contractor about adding an enclosed entertainment system to hold a television or screen. It could be in a locked cabinet so it stays safe and avoids weather exposure. Your outdoor space should be inviting enough that on nice days, you choose to put your feet up in your outdoor living room.

Backyard Makeover: Add a Kitchen

There is nothing like grilling out. So why limit yourself to grilling only when you are entertaining. In many ways the backyard can be an extension of your house. Adding a living room space is one idea, so why not a kitchen too? Take things up a notch by adding a brick wall and stained wood cabinets. Despite a rustic feel, you’ll hardly be roughing it. Adding a fireplace as a focal point, a grill, fridge, sink, and even a wine cabinet will create a functional and eye-catching space for backyard entertaining. Be it just for you or a group of friends, you’ll want to spend every evening in your backyard. Even if the temperature drops, a firepit or fireplace and heat lamps can keep the party going.

Backyard Makeover: Add Extra Privacy

Homeowners lacking privacy in their backyard often limit the time they spend in it. Opt for ways to enjoy your outdoor space while adding privacy solutions such as a living fence, privacy panels, or even a screened in courtyard to define the space. Regardless of the size of your backyard, you deserve to enjoy solitude and privacy separating you from your neighbors.

Rethink the Layout

When it comes to a backyard makeover many homeowners do not think twice about the original layout. They keep it as-is without questioning whether it is the right layout for them. Instead, go beyond the original restrictions. Think about tightening up the greenery by planting trees that do not root too deeply, such as Ficus trees. If your backyard is on the smaller side, make the layout look bigger with comfortable chairs and floor pillows rather than loungers. Rather than a large pool, install a swimming jet so you can still enjoy all the benefits of a pool.  Your Fairmarket contractor found using one of the best independent contractor apps will use Fairmarket’s proprietary 3D home model imaging process to measure the size of your backyard. This will give the most accurate reading of the layout to create a backyard makeover of your dreams.  

Only Incorporate Items You Will Use

It can be easy to go overboard. Too often, homeowners fill their backyard with various loungers, sheds, pools, game set ups, and other things that they never actually use. The goal of a backyard makeover is to redo the backyard to a point where you love being outdoors. A cluttered or disorganized backyard, even if the privacy is up to par, may keep you inside. This goes without saying, but do not install a pool just because your neighbors have one. Do not add a garden if you do not enjoy gardening. Although a Fairmarket contractor can take care of the work involved for a variety of backyard options, it is ultimately up to you. You should want to frequently use the backyard, so don’t get stuck with items or a design you don’t like. Your contractor can outline all your options so you can trust you’ll get exactly what you want.

Backyard Makeover: Break It Up with Levels

A multi-level landscape is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can also give off the illusion of a larger backyard. You can break things up visually using various backyard flooring options and select a level for each purpose. There can be a garden level, an entertaining level, a bottom level for a dining patio, with shrubbery borders to designate and transition to the higher yard.

Backyard Makeover: Keep it Simple

All too often homeowners believe that a backyard makeover means adding to the backyard. Yet, sometimes a backyard makeover is actually a makeunder in terms of simplifying everything. If you aren’t using your hot tub, have it removed. If your kids are adults and out of the house now, have the swing set removed. Remove old sheds and replace them with sturdier ones that better meet your needs. Do an inventory of the items taking up space in your backyard. Keeping it simple might just be the best way to spruce up the place.

Add a Fountain

A small fountain instantly enhances landscape without taking up much room. Adding a small fountain creates a calming effect and luxury even if the size is modest. The relaxed ambiance that a backyard fountain brings creates a serene and inviting atmosphere. Adding plants and even a few fish add the finishing touches to your oasis. Homeowners opt for backyard fountains because of the pleasant sound of running water that helps relax a stressed body and mind.

Backyard Makeover: Erect a Sauna

If you are hoping to transform your lack-luster backyard into a lavish oasis, consider a sauna. It does not have to be large. A small, one or two-person sauna that is free-standing helps to sufficiently ventilate the interior. Talk to your Fairmarket contractor using the independent contractor apps about installing a prefab option or create a unique one specifically that meets your needs. A distinctive structure can update and beautify your garden. While you are at it, add to your sauna theme backyard makeover with an outdoor shower. This is an especially good idea if you have a pool in addition to your sauna. An outdoor shower can considerably increase the resale value of your home. According to, homes that include outdoor showers often go for nearly twice the asking price of others. Talk to your Fairmarket contractor found on one of the best independent contractor apps about outdoor luxe shower options.

Choose the Right Lighting

Just because the sun goes down does not mean you have to go inside! It also does not mean you’re stuck with the usual tiki lights or string of white lights. Good lighting is key to the most enjoyable backyard possible. Your Fairmarket contractor found on one of the best independent contractor apps can help you find the perfect lighting and professionally install it. The possibilities are endless in terms of lighting, so do not let yourself get bogged down with what your neighbors are doing. Your contractor will have ideas that are unique and fitting for your lifestyle and landscaping.

Backyard Makeover: Select a Color Theme

Interior decorating does not have to stop once you get to the backyard. Keeping a design theme or color theme brings the look together. Go for greyscale and add a pop of color with throw pillows and weatherproof rugs. Or, choose one color scheme and add variety with lounge chairs, sofas, and side tables. At the very least, keep all the furniture the same. A backyard with a variety of furniture, even if simple, can look messy and unkept.

Add a Backyard Gazebo

Add some shade, an extra seating area, and a place to enjoy some peace and quiet with a backyard gazebo. Nothing upgrades your backyard space quiet like this beautiful backyard structure. You will want to get out of the house and into the backyard more often when you add this to your backyard makeover. A gazebo is rewarding in that it offers plenty of benefits and multiple returns on your investment. Adding both a fun and luxurious look to any yard, you will enjoy a gazebo all year long. A gazebo can transform any garden or otherwise dull yard into something exciting with numerous ways to enjoy it. If you are looking for a specific look, talk to your Fairmarket contractor. They can help you choose the perfect gazebo or build a unique one for you.

Similar to a gazebo, if you want to upgrade your garden, consider adding a greenhouse for fresh produce and flowers all year long. When grown inside a greenhouse, your flowers and crops will be preserved from excess heat and cold as well as unwanted pests.

Consult Your Fairmarket Contractor

There are multiple ways to make your backyard look better than ever. And with a proper maintenance schedule, your backyard will look its best all year. Whether you’re looking to set up a fountain, erect a sauna, upgrade your pool deck, install tile or an entertainment center, a Fairmarket contractor found on one of the best independent contractor apps, can help you get the job done – or multiple jobs! Skilled, vetted, and licensed, Fairmarket contractors found on one of the best independent contractor apps are ready to do a backyard makeover and give you the backyard of your dreams!