Homeowner Amanda Caswell

Tips For the Ultimate Bedroom Renovation

We spend roughly a third of our life sleeping. How much of that time is spent in a bedroom that you love? Think about it. Does your bedroom contribute to sweet dreams or is it disorganized, uninspired and difficult to relax? If the answer is no, then maybe it is time for a bedroom renovation. Luckily, an app to find contractors and a find a contractor app such as Fairmarket can help. It’s been said that too much clutter can cause stress and even depression. But sometimes misconceptions about the size of their room, limits them from thinking about the possibilities.

A bedroom is often the most cherished spot for families. It’s a focal point for snuggling with the kids, reading in your bed, and quality time with pets. But a dull and depressing bedroom is anything but warm and inviting. It probably won’t contribute to your relaxation.  Fortunately, a bedroom renovation is not only easy, it can be one of the most affordable projects a homeowner can make. Fina contractor using a a find a contractor app such as Fairmarket and get started! Here are a few ideas to update your bedroom and make it the ultimate serene, peaceful space for a soothing retreat. Contractor apps such as Fairmarket can ensure you get the most from your project.

Before You Begin the Bedroom Renovation

Once you’ve made the decision to do a bedroom renovation, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration. Think about the types of changes you need to make to your bedroom. Write down the minimum changes that could be made and the biggest ones. Think about the scope of what you’re ready to do. If you aren’t ready for a grand bedroom renovation, perhaps you can meet somewhere in between. The type of bedroom will also be something you’ll want to factor in.

If you’re renovating a child’s room, think about the types of bedroom renovation you want to do. Will they be age appropriate in 5 years? If your 6-year-old wants you to build a fort in their room with a loft bed, will they still want it when they are in middle school? If the answer is no, then think you’ll need to question if the bedroom renovation choices you’re making will be truly worth it. There may be alternative ideas that you hadn’t thought of – consult a Fairmarket contractor. They will be happy to help you with any questions and offer ideas before the project begins.

Consider Your Style Prior to Bedroom Renovation

Perhaps you’ve seen a friend’s bedroom that you liked or were inspired by one on a TV show that spotlighted a bedroom renovation. Think about the type of style you want prior to bedroom renovation and stick with it to avoid getting sidetracked. One of the biggest problems when people start any type of bedroom renovation is, they get derailed. They start with an idea such as a type of paint color or flooring, but then change their mind half way through. This can make the task of bedroom renovation feel daunting and stressful. For that reason, thoroughly consider your style, make a plan, write it down, and stick to it.

Factor in Your Personal Limits for Bedroom Renovation

Any time you make any type of chances to your home, you’ll want to factor in your budget and other limitations. For example, how long are you willing to sleep in the guest room until the bedroom renovation is done? You’ll also want to factor in the timing. Are you doing the bedroom renovation during a time when your kids will be home from college or right before the holidays? Are you trying to squeeze it in before going on vacation? Although Fairmarket contractors are efficient in their work, some delays in bedroom renovation that are beyond their control can occur. If a particular and unique paint color is on backorder, or a set of shelving parts is delayed in shipping, it could hold up the process. You don’t want to cut the timing too close.

Similarly, consider your budget. If you have a very particular budget, you will want to use a find a contractor app and address that with your Fairmarket contractor. Discuss your budget from the moment you mention the project. They will help you come up with the right design plan that is within your budget so you feel comfortable and satisfied. They will also help you think of ideas and choices that you may not have crossed your mind. For example, if you want a stark white bedroom but have a house full of children and pets, they might steer you towards something a little more practical. They will always ensure your style and budget is first and foremost in every decision.

Think About How and When Do You Use Your Bedroom

This may seem completely obvious (and almost silly!) to think about, but it’s actually a very practical issue to factor in any bedroom renovation. Sure, you sleep in your bedroom, but how else do you use it? Do you enjoy watching television or making it your movie theater? Perhaps you have a desk or home office in the corner of your bedroom. Maybe the reason you are doing a renovation is because you want to add an office space or an exercise area.

Depending on how you use your room and the reason for renovation, here are a few excellent ideas for changing things up. Without taking out any walls or adding them, here are a few remodeling ideas to update your bedroom easily and affordably with the help of a Fairmarket contractor found on an app to find contractors.

Organize and Purge Before Bedroom Renovation

If you’ve kept a good maintenance schedule for your home, then you won’t need to organize and purge too much out of your bedroom. But like most home makeovers, a major part of your bedroom renovation involves getting rid of excess and unnecessary clutter. Anything that is taking up space in your environment needs to go? You may notice as you sift through your stuff that you need extra storage space. For example, your favorite books could go on new shelving. Shelving is a great option because they can go higher than a dresser so they are out of the way. They also won’t take up as much floor space. Determine if the shelving fits into the aesthetics of the room and add them to the plan if you need more storage. Or, you could nix the shelving and donate the books to charity. Perhaps you already have copies on your tablet anyway. Consider paring down your excess things to create a more serene and modern space.

Bedroom Renovation is the Time to Make Walls That Soothe

There’s no better time than home renovation than to paint the walls of your bedroom. In fact, it’s one of the fastest ways to refresh the overall character of the room. Strive for a color that enriches the precise tone and mood that you want in your bedroom. Are you seeking warm and cozy, eclectic and bright, or modern and chic? There are thousands and thousands of colors to choose from, so don’t stress. And in the worst-case scenario, you can always paint over it. Once you find a Fairmarket contractor you love using thet best app to find contractor, chances are you’ll call them again as their repeat customer.

Bedroom Renovation and Windows

Well-maintained and quality windows can last upwards of 20 years. If you are in need of new windows, a bedroom renovation is a good time to do it. Doing everything at once can streamline the work and all the jobs done faster. And in many cases you may be able to use the same Fairmarket contractor from the find a contractor app. You’ll also want to consider window coverings. It’s not always the rug that pulls the room together, in fact, window coverings do more for the ambience of the room. Use the best app to find contractors and ask your Fairmarket Contractor for ideas. Consider what kind of coverage you want and go from there. Blinds and shades can be installed to match the new paint and renovation of the bedroom. For those with a smart home, smart shades or blinds are a great choice to automatically open and close them without getting out of bed.

Choose Good Lighting for Bedroom Renovation

Is your current bedroom too dark? Are you finally ready to install track lighting in the master bathroom or in your walk-in closet? Now is the time to make that happen. The right lighting can make your bedroom look great no matter the time of day. Not all lights work for the bedroom. For example, recessed pot lights look excellent in the living room or game room, but are way too harsh for a bedroom. Perhaps you currently have those lights and want to have them removed. A Fairmarket contractor can take care of all your lighting needs. You may want to have them an old fixture for a unique and artistic touch.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Take all aspects of your bedroom into account when you are doing the home renovation. Talk to your Fairmarket Contractor to discuss add on options such as redoing the walk-in closet and master bathroom while they are they are updating your bedroom. Getting it all done at once is a great way to refresh the overall look and truly make the most of your bedroom renovation. When you’re ready to start, post the job on the best find a contractor app, Fairmarket. This app to find contractors connects you with a licensed and skilled contractor will be ready to get the job done in a timely and professional way for you.