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Transform Your Unfinished Basement

Regardless of its size, there are plenty of possibilities for your unfinished basement. There’s no reason to leave it as a boring storage spot for extra holiday decorations, high school trophies, and lawn furniture. Why not finally take the opportunity to do what you’ve always wanted to do and remodel it! A finished basement is a cost-efficient way to add more living space to your home. Of course, before you get knee deep in a renovation project, there are a few things you need to know.

Before you start work on an unfinished basement, know the codes

Even prior to looking at plans, it’s crucial that you speak with someone at your local city hall to discuss building codes. From electrical to plumbing work, find out which ones are applicable to your basement, and get the necessary permits and licensing the work requires. For instance, plans such as closing off a boiler room or laundry room from the rest of the living area, might require a particular code that you need to know. There are endless types of codes including ceiling heights, duct relocation, piping, concrete flooring, and so much more. If it sounds complicated, it’s because it is! Stay safe, get a permit, and hire a Fairmarket contractor to take care of the job. In many cases, a Fairmarket contractor can offer suggestions as to what type of permit you’ll need for an unfinished basement.

Consider the moisture control options of your unfinished basement and adjust, if needed

If you have been hesitant to finish your basement because it leaks or floods easily, then now is the time to fix known and unknown problems that may lurk behind floors, dry wall, ceilings, and elsewhere. If you don’t consider the moisture problem before going all in, the issues could spread or cause new damage. That said, a damp basement doesn’t mean that it has to remain an unfinished basement. A Fairmarket contractor can help determine where the moisture is coming from and observe all areas of the room to ascertain where the water is coming in.

Don’t rule out clogged gutters. Sometimes water in down-spouts can settle in and trickle through the walls. If the land around your house should slant away from the foundation. If it doesn’t, rainwater will runoff the lawn and driveway right down into the basement. Anyone who has had a flooded basement knows that it’s not only a dreadful inconvenience, but can be a very costly one, too. To save yourself thousands of dollars before doing a renovation, give a Fairmarket contractor a call. They can help by doing a number of options including installing a backup sump pump system; one that is entirely detached from the main pump.

By confirming, identifying and repairing any moisture issues before renovation, you can confidently reduce the possibilities f harmful mold infesting your newly finished basement.

Have a floor plan for your unfinished basement

Consider all the ways you want to use your basement and then make a floor plan accordingly. Will it be a play area for the kids or a teenage hangout? Maybe it will be an extra guest room. The possibilities are endless, but whatever direction you choose, you will need to have a floor plan. This is especially true if you are adding bigger items such as a bathroom or kitchenette.

A Fairmarket contractor can help with the floor planning. They will be able to ensure that the water heater and furnace have 2-3 feet of clearance so that repair and maintenance work can be done without interference.

While many people think they can tackle basement renovation themselves, the truth is, it’s a much bigger project than you may realize. You could easily waste time and money if you are inexperienced. Instead, find a reliable and trustworthy Fairmarket contractor to get the job done well. Give them a call when you’re ready to begin, or even before if you need help with the planning. All of our Fairmarket contractors will be happy to assist you to turn your unfinished basement into brand new living space!