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Repair & Protect From Tornado Damage with Fairmarket App

Any Fairmarket contractor will tell you, that when it comes to tornadoes, anywhere is fair game, but they are much more common in Texas. In fact, studies show that more tornadoes have been recorded here than in any other state! We regularly see Fairmarket Home Services requests on the Fairmarket App for estimates and quotes after a storm; it’s simply the nature of our area. The relatively flat land makes it easy for the warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico to combine with the cold, dry polar air from Canada. And when they do, watch out! The two air masses mix to create the perfect storm – literally! Much more powerful than an average thunderstorm, tornadoes are especially devastating because they can do serious damage to your home and surrounding property.

But the best home maintenance app, Fairmarket is here to help you rebuild once the tornado has passed. Those of us in the DFW area, where Texas gets hit the hardest, have experienced destruction firsthand. Our area sees an average of 132 tornadoes each year and those tornadoes have the power to destroy any and all objects in their path. Even homes well outside the direct path can experience significant damage by the winds alone. Damage from a tornado could range from minor to severe and each tornado hits differently. One might be extremely destructive to your home, while another may leave you with excess landscaping debris. Here are a few of the most common types of damages after a storm, so keep them in mind to be prepared and protected with our Fairmarket App. 

Roof Damage
This type of damage is among the most severe because repairs after a storm need to come almost immediately. If you wait, you run the risk of rain, debris, and wind ruining everything inside your home. Roof damage can range from a few shingles flying off to the entire roof lifted off. As you know the uncertainty of tornadoes contributes to the reason they are so frightening.

Contrary to what you might expect, the power of a storm comes from the low pressure that builds inside the funnel cloud. When that interior low pressure combines with the exterior high pressure say, on top of your roof, and the pressure surpasses the force keeping the roof in place, it can lift it off and sweep it away with the wind. It’s no surprise that so many people think the way to alleviate that pressure is by opening doors and windows of the home until the storm has passed. Many believe this will equalize the pressure, but they couldn’t be more wrong! It is completely unsafe to keep the doors and windows open – think of all the rain and debris flying in! Besides, even homes with shattered windows can have roof damage. It really all comes down to the quality and strength of your roof. Our Farimarket App offers a roof visualizer for faster roof design (and redesign!) after a storm. All of our expert contractors on Fairmarket App know the best materials for a strong roof and how to securely strap it to the walls and foundation so it has a better chance of surviving the high winds in the area. In this unique home renovation app offering contractor job bidding, we ensure that you will get the most professional contractor at the best price, every time. After all, the only thing you want to think about after a storm is rebuilding and getting back to normal.

Damaged Siding
Besides roof estimates, Fairmarket contractors see a lot of requests on the home renovation app for repairs on siding. This is also very scary because a hole in the side of your house leaves the home vulnerable and susceptible to wind, rain, debris, even small animals and insects. The strong winds and flying debris caused by tornados can crack, dent, chip, or even worse destruction to the material on the side of your house. Vinyl siding can dent or split, paint can be stripped, or chipped, and even brick homes can experience holes and other extreme damage during the harshest of storms when light poles, trees, and mailboxes fly through the walls.

Fairmarket Home Services can take care of repairing everything from a quick coat of paint to completely redoing the side of your home. In the meantime, you can protect your home and mitigate milder damage by taking simple precautions. Removing branches, lawn furniture, and other objects that could become projectiles during a storm is a good idea. Using the Fairmarket app before a storm to repair any loose siding, handle brickwork, and fix gutters to keep them secure prior to a storm can help eliminate damage.

Shattered Windows
As mentioned, the pressure of a storm is extreme, which can cause windows and sliding glass doors on patios to completely shatter. The force of a storm is simply too great for the glass to handle and it breaks when the pressure is exerted. Even storms miles away from the actual tornado can cause significant damage because of the high winds, pressure, and flying debris.

Luckily, you can quickly find a contractor on the Fairmarket App to install impact-resistant shutters over the outside of your sliding doors and windows. When a tornado warning is issued, simply close them over the glass windows and doors and it will protect them from shattering. They also offer another layer of barrier between you and the storm.

If your home has experienced damage to the windows and doors, you can easily go on the home improvement app and start the contractor job bidding. You will find a contractor on Fairmarket to help repair any damage to ensure damage is reduced next time.

Broken Garage Door
Because a garage door is made of lightweight construction, it is not as strong as typical siding. Plus, its large size makes it a very vulnerable area during a storm. High winds from a tornado that doesn’t even hit your area has the potential to completely destroy a garage door or knock it off its track.

Use our home improvement app, Fairmarket before the next storm and take precautions now. You can reinforce your garage door. One of the Farimarket contractors can install temporary vertical braces, to reinforce the garage door. Tornados move fast, so you have to think of everything before its too late. Whether you have had previous damage or want to prevent damage, start the contractor job bidding now for Fairmarket home services.

Extreme Damage
While people never expect extreme damage to ever happen to them, it can, and does. For that reason, it’s important to take precautions before the storm hits. Prepare your yard and stay on top of basic maintenance. The Fairmarket app can help automate the process so you don’t even have to think about the yard work. A contractor can come every other week (or whatever regularity you choose) to keep your property clean and clear in case of a storm. Staying on top of basic maintenance in your yard will significantly help to prevent damage in the event of a storm. Fairmarket contractors will keep trees, shurbs, and bushes free of dead or weak branches. You may also want to discuss landscaping of your property with a Fairmarket contractor to create the safest exterior design, while remaining aesthetically beautiful.

You should also always have an emergency kit nearby. Here are a few things to keep handy in the event of a storm:

Nonperishable food & bottled water– for you and pets
Flashlight with extra batteries
A list of emergency contacts
A first aid kit 
Portable phone charger/backup battery pack
Battery powered radio
Candles, matches, a lighter, flares

Staying Safe During the Tornado
Although most of us in the area are used to tornadoes by now, they never get easier to handle. Each one is as scary as the next and staying safe during a tornado is extremely important even if you’ve been through them hundreds of times before. Because the very nature of a tornado is uncertain, it’s important to know how to keep everybody safe until it passes such as the following:

1. Stay inside, preferable in the basement and away from all windows and doors. If you do not have a basement get inside the bathroom or closet and stay as close to the ground as possible. Talking to small children every step of the way can help them understand the situation and know that, although scary, they are safe.

2. If you are driving get off the road immediately. Many people, particularly those who have seen hundreds of tornadoes like to “chase” tornadoes. No matter how thrilling, that is always a bad idea. Pull off the side of the road and find shelter in a building or solid foundation. If a building is nowhere near you, take cover in a ditch far away from trees and flying objects. Lay on your stomach to keep your head and face safe.

3. Wherever you are, keep your head safe. Watch for flying debris or collapsing roofs to ensure your head stays protected. Consider sitting under a desk or heavy table, or even have every family member put on bike helmets! If nothing else, use your arms to protect your neck and head.

Once the storm has passed…
Although tornadoes only last about 10 minutes, it can feel like an eternity and their destruction can last months. They typically hit in the afternoon or early evening, so it will probably still be light out when the tornado is gone. Be sure to use your phone or radio to tune into the weather channel to check that the tornado is no longer in your area. Find out if your area is at risk for another and prepare to take cover once more. Keep your phone or radio close to you so you can hear special alerts in preparation for what to expect next.

If it is safe to go outside, carefully walk through your home and do an assessment. Check the furniture, the shelving, the floors, the ceiling, the windows and doors. Jot down the noticeable damage and then head outside to see if there is any more. If you see potential fire issues such as damaged power lines, call it in right away.

After the storm has settled and the power comes back on, call your insurance company. If your home has been damaged, they can help determine what is covered. Sometimes storms can be so damaging that homes are deemed unlivable and need to be completely rebuilt. It’s devastating on so many levels and we hear “I never thought it would happen to me,” all the time from Fairmarket app users. The shock can leave families wondering where they should begin to repair their home. Fairmarket contractors are here to make the pain of the destruction a little easier. The Fairmarket app is so easy to use. You can quickly set everything up with contractors and then take care of the important things you need to do during the difficult time with your family.